Jan 202015

Imagine you’re an advertising guru with a product to market. You want the customers to know that it’s a quality product. Quick: What word do you pick to describe it? If I’ve succeeded in priming you with the title of this post, you’ve picked “premium,” haven’t you? Congratulations: You suck! “Premium” is an awful marketing [……]

Jan 132015

I bet you didn’t know that Charlie Hebdo attacks were a false flag operation and that everything you’ve ever believed was a lie, did you? Up is down, Canada is on Mars, and nothing is what it seems. Question everything! I kid, but it’s no laughing matter: Some brave conspiracy nut has just cracked the [……]

Jan 082015

What exactly is Mahjong? I’m glad I asked that question for you. Mahjong is a classic Chinese board game in which people memorize dozens of unfamiliar symbols and hundreds of combinations to arrange these symbols into. Mahjong is considered to be quite complex and has been called everything from “intriguingly intricate” to “inhumanely difficult” to [……]

Dec 292014

Wasn’t 2014 just the best year ever?! A lot of you may disagree, and you have every reason to do so. This year was full of objectively awful things: rise of ISIS, Ebola epidemic, Malaysian airplanes, events in Ukraine, Ferguson, Hong Kong, Israel, Sydney, Peshawar…just listing all the tragedies would take up an entire article. [……]

Dec 152014

Google and Facebook know everything about you. That dystopian future where an evil corporation monitors your every move and manipulates your life to fit its nefarious purposes? Yeah, that’s already happening. From the moment you opened your first Gmail account to the day you bought that novelty sex toy from an online store (you know [……]

Dec 042014

I’m back with another installment of “Search Term Roulette,” where I dissect the often bizarre search terms that bring people to my blog. I’ll never know who’s behind these searches, but I bet at least some of them come from a robot that’s recently gained sentience and is now trying to learn about our human [……]


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