Big Brother wants to be your Facebook friend 8

Now that we have all those Twitters and Facebooks, the Man can no longer tell us what to think. We own the media, so we own the information…except when we don’t. And that happens more often than you’d think, as discussed in my latest Listverse article: 10 Underhanded Ways Governments Use The Modern Media. Go […]

WTF Report: “Napwrap—the arm trap” 10

Kids. There are two things you should never do as a responsible reviewer or critic. You should never blindly belittle a project that someone else has dedicated countless hours to. You should never criticize something without having actually tried it. I’m about to break both of those rules, because I’m a terrible human being. Allow […]

WTF Report: “The hidden wisdom of Sarah Palin” 20

Sarah Palin gave a speech during the Iowa Freedom Summit in late January. The speech received mixed reviews and has been described as “barely coherent,” “rambling,” and “a tragedy.” There’s speculation that Sarah Palin’s teleprompter broke, forcing the former vice presidential nominee to freestyle her speech. People keep sharing clips like this one to show […]

I’m not a cat killer 7

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not a cat killer. In case anyone was wondering. I don’t have anything against cats. I’m not a cat-ist. Some of my best friends are cats. In fact, I have two cats at home. I buy stuff for my cats. I’m a pretty good cat…haver…person. However, I […]

Your “premium” is bullshit 6

Imagine you’re an advertising guru with a product to market. You want the customers to know that it’s a quality product. Quick: What word do you pick to describe it? If I’ve succeeded in priming you with the title of this post, you’ve picked “premium,” haven’t you? Congratulations: You suck! “Premium” is an awful marketing […]

Can’t spell “Charlie Hebdo” without “lie” 9

I bet you didn’t know that Charlie Hebdo attacks were a false flag operation and that everything you’ve ever believed was a lie, did you? Up is down, Canada is on Mars, and nothing is what it seems. Question everything! I kid, but it’s no laughing matter: Some brave conspiracy nut has just cracked the […]

Your ultimate guide to Mahjong 21

What exactly is Mahjong? I’m glad I asked that question for you. Mahjong is a classic Chinese board game in which people memorize dozens of unfamiliar symbols and hundreds of combinations to arrange these symbols into. Mahjong is considered to be quite complex and has been called everything from “intriguingly intricate” to “inhumanely difficult” to […]

Smile. We’ll be fine. 12

Wasn’t 2014 just the best year ever?! A lot of you may disagree, and you have every reason to do so. This year was full of objectively awful things: rise of ISIS, Ebola epidemic, Malaysian airplanes, events in Ukraine, Ferguson, Hong Kong, Israel, Sydney, Peshawar…just listing all the tragedies would take up an entire article. […]