Mar 172013

You must be tired of hearing that I went to Australia, so I won’t be telling you more about how I went to Australia.

Although, when I did go to Australia, just two short months ago, I came across a couple of curious signs and things I found amusing. These I now share with you, in the form of screen-rendered visual representations.

I think regular folks call these “photos”.

Watch Out For Crocodiles

Ah, Australia. Beautiful beach, beautiful sea, a subtle “WATCH OUT FOR CROCODILES” sign. Bliss!


Drinking Consultants

Where have you guys been during my high years? Also, can I have your job?


Cow In A Tree

When the cops get there, that cow will have some explaining to do!


Gangnam Stone

Oppa Gangnam Stone?


Pool Open Spectators Welcome

I usually prefer my changing rooms and showers spectator-free, but maybe that’s just me.

Do you have photos of some funny or curious stuff you came across lately? What are your thoughts on shower spectators? Did you know I went to Australia recently?

Leave a comment, get a reply. That's how I roll.

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  1. Please tell me you lived my dream of frolicking with the mighty platypi!!! Please. Tell. Me. That. You. We’re. Successful. In. The. Mission.

    It’s ok to lie to me so I don’t freak out…. In case you didn’t know.



    • Why yes, yes I have! I have ridden their mighty humps all the way into the ocean, then we dove through the blue sky and landed softly on the untouched coral beaches and frolicked to our hearts’ content.

      It’s a good thing you gave me a green light to lie!

  2. So funny! Was anyone swimming at the beach with the “beware of crocodiles” warning?

  3. I agree-no spectators in the changing rooms or shower rooms, please. I’m not sure who would be the more horrified the spectators or myself.

  4. I love the cow in the tree. I have no idea what it means, but I love it. By the way, did you say you went to Australia?…

    • Ha, me neither, but the story behind it must be quite entertaining. I’m not sure if I said anything about going to Australia, but, funnily enough, I DID go to Australia.


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