Fiction Corner

It’s a corner where fiction is. Duh.

The totally true story of my Black Friday escapade

Today belonged to me. This was my day to shine. Usually, I was the guy causing unexpected chaos and destruction. Today, I’d be causing expected chaos and destruction along with thousands of others. Yes, I would finally fit in, be one of the crowd, join the hordes of like-minded people gathering in the same place for the same purpose. Oh, how liberating it felt to be part of something bigger than myself, this time without […]

Introducing “Nano”

Many a moon ago, when I was many moons younger, I told you I’d be doing more fiction. Then I forgot all about it and posted zero fiction, apart from the occasional “totally true story.” That’s because I’m an unreliable, untrustworthy asshole who will never amount to anything and also smells funny. My mom was right! Jokes aside, I’ve been slow on the fiction front, so I’m trying once again to rectify this. To that […]

The totally true story of how I went to a job interview

My interviewer was an imposing man with a wide face and an angry…also face. He sat atop a horse, refusing to budge or speak when I addressed him. I have introduced myself five times, but he remained silent and angry. This was a test, I gathered. He was trying to shake my confidence and see how persistent I was willing to be. A lot. I was willing to be persistent a lot. “Sir, as I […]

The totally true story of how I pulled a sting

I’ll cut right to the chase: I was robbed. By one of my colleagues, no less. You see, I have several cubes of post-its on my desk at work. Each cube contains exactly 58 post-its. I know this because I obsessively count them on a daily basis. I do that not due to a crippling mental condition, but because it’s a perfectly healthy behaviour of a stable human being and shut up! On a fateful […]

The totally true story of how I visited the airport

I quickened my pace as the terminal building drew closer. I was excited. Today I was going to fly for the first time ever. More accurately, this would be the first time I’d be successfully flying upwards instead of falling down from balconiesĀ as I was prone to do. The airport was unexpectedly busy. I counted hundreds of people standing in different lines. Would there be enough planes for each one of them? Were there any […]