Vague sketches that may become something

Tarantino Movie Soup: “The Black”

Another week, another competition on Dude Write. This time we’re playing the “Tarantino Movie Soup Game“. You know, the Tarantino Movie Soup Game? You don’t know the Tarantino Movie Soup Game?! Damn, I wish I were given some sort of a rule book for this game, so I could explain how it works. Oh wait, I did get one, here it is: Because I’m so progressive I didn’t make no old school sets of cards, […]

And just like that…

A snippet of something I’ve worked on over a year ago. It may or may not be turned into a complete work at a later stage. Any comments are welcome. _____________ And just like that, after eight years with the company, I am fired. Without too much hassle either. No big “we-appreciate-all-your-work-but” routine. No wishing me luck in the future, as phony as that would have sounded under the circumstances. He doesn’t even seem to […]

Dialogue on monoglossia

Yet another exercise written for a “Creative Writing” class…assignment was to make a dialogue that started with “No, monoglossia isn’t a disease”. My immediate thought upon reading that assignment was (as is yours undoubtedly right at this very moment): “WTF is monoglossia?!”. But then I read up on it and came up with this: “No, monoglossia isn’t a disease,” Tom was clearly in his patronising mood again. “OK, what is it then?” Jerry prepared himself […]

Newton’s Apple

Short sketch written for a “Creative Writing” class. The exercise was to describe in detail a historical person doing something mundane. One summer day Sir Isaac Newton was enjoying the sun in his garden. He sat by his favourite apple tree, savouring the warm breeze upon his face. Suddenly, he heard a thump nearby and saw a round object rolling slowly toward him. Upon taking a closer look Sir Newton realised that he was looking […]

You win some…

A short sketch I’ve written as an exercise for a “Humour Writing” class. Two things flashed through my mind as I flew three meters up in the air and then back towards the ground at twenty five kilometers per hour. One: this is going to hurt. Two: in retrospect, riding a bike at full speed through a busy intersection with seven shots of Smirnoff vodka in me had probably been a bad idea. I also […]