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Short stories. Mostly flash fiction.

Flash Fiction: “Search & Retrieve” 12

Entry into the February flash fiction round at Dude Write. As always, 500 words max, using the following prompt: The ship came out of hyperdrive about ten million kilometres from Mars. Doozor flipped on the stasis brakes, sending Fraz flying helplessly through the main cabin – all two thousand metres of it. Fortunately, Fraz managed […]

100 word song: “The Showdown” 20

With this piece I’m participating in a collaborative initiative between Dude Write and 100 Word Song.  Fictional piece of exactly 100 words. Inspired by “Strength” by The Alarm.  For visual and auditory reference, here: This is it: the ultimate test that separates the strong from the weak. I’ve lasted for more than thirty minutes, but […]

Flash Fiction: “Pulling the plug” 30

Alright all of you goths, emo kids and retired rappers. Today, in addition to grossly misjudging the demographic and social status of my core audience, I’ll be doing something a little different. Wait, come back, it’s nothing like that! Today I’m doing fiction. Flash fiction, to be precise. I’m entering a flash fiction contest on […]