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Guest Expressed: “8 things that ruin a perfectly good bottle of wine”

Forgot to tell you all: I’m on vacation. You won’t see me again…until two weeks from now. While you wait for me, here’s an angry rant about wine troubles from today’s guest, Gerald Weber: If there is one thing I love, it’s getting drunk on a good bottle of wine.  But sometimes, my enjoyment of the sacred process is ruined.  And that gets me mad.  Here are some of the nasty wine-enjoyment-ruining things that really […]

Guest Expressed: “5 Stupidest Halloween Costumes For Dogs”

I’ve written about stupid Halloween costumes before. I’ve written about stupid pet items before, too. It was about time to combine them. Today’s guest is Jessica Conars and she’ll give us her thoughts on some pretty stupid Halloween costumes for dogs. Enter Jessica: Whoever said that the tradition of dressing up for Halloween is dead and forgotten? Honestly, it has never been more alive! Just look at these dogs and see just how well and […]

Guest Expressed: “Only Slightly Infuriating”

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Jeff of Content Unrelated as a guest. Jeff’s a really funny guy and if you don’t know him…now you do! If you ever need a mood lifter, check out his “Horrorscopes” series. I sometimes get tired of bitching about stuff that I find annoying, so today I’ll let Jeff do the bitching for me. Enter Jeff: Let me first get the formalities out of the way. Thanks for the […]

Guest Expressed: “5 Most Annoying Habits Dogs Have”

I’ve bombarded you with posts about cats for too long. Enough is enough. Today’s guest, Supriya Tamang, brings something totally different to the table – a post about dogs and their annoying habits. Enter Supriya: No matter how adorable or cute or lovable our furry friends are, you’d have to agree with me when I say this: there are times when we question our love for them. And rightly so! There are some really quirky and annoying habits […]

Guest Expressed: Why a Knife is Essential for Post-Apocalyptic Survival

We all know that knives are a useful tool. Today’s guest, Soleil Ho, will prove that their usefulness extends all the way to our post-apocalyptic future. Enter Soleil: When society goes to pot and we’re all riding grunged-out motorcycles through a nuclear wasteland, I’m not going to be hoarding heavy artillery or a death ray: just my trusty survival knife. Trust me; I’ve watched The Walking Dead AND Demolition Man, so I definitely have lots […]