Oct 172013

Did you know that snakes make piñatas out of their eggs?

Or that elephants often force their calves to tap dance?

Or that horses build artificial wings for their foals, attach it to their bodies, then call them “Pegasus Jr.”?

I may have made all of those up entirely. However, I didn’t make up any of the facts in this article I wrote for Listverse.com: “10 Harsh Animal Parenting Techniques

Go read!

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  2. I’m going to have a whole new mindset when I go to the zoo now. Thanks for that. And who knew there was a Sophie’s Choice thing going on with pandas?—“They often give birth to two cubs but only end up caring for one.” That’s cold.

    But seriously, great article. Was interesting to learn those facts!

  3. Also, just as an indicator of how much I apparently need a nap, I read the first three facts on this post twice and my only thought was “That can’t be right… how do snakes hold the stick??”

  4. The links all wonky, fyi. :) There’s no http preface so it sends it to an oops page.


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