Jul 292014

So I’m on vacation in my home city of Kharkov, Eastern Ukraine. I know, I know. You’re all like, “Eastern Ukraine? Isn’t that where all the Nazi Bandera fascists are brutally murdering Russian speakers, just for fun?” What can I say? I’m an extremely brave Russian-speaking Ukrainian. I have flown right into the center of [......]

Jul 202014

So the pro-Russian rebels have essentially given the world an ultimatum: You’ll be allowed to properly investigate the MH17 crash site, as long as Kiev agrees to a ceasefire. In related news, an infamous serial killer said he’ll allow the police to see the victims’ bodies as long as he’s promised he won’t be imprisoned. [......]

Jul 182014

To all the people who call themselves “journalists” and “reporters” working for Russia Today, Russia 1, LifeNews.ru, NTV, and the many other voices of Kremlin propaganda. Yesterday, the world witnessed another terrible event happen on the territory of the country where I was born and raised. This time, it cost more than “just” Ukrainian and [......]

Jul 012014

Forgot to tell you all: I’m on vacation. You won’t see me again…until two weeks from now. While you wait for me, here’s an angry rant about wine troubles from today’s guest, Gerald Weber: If there is one thing I love, it’s getting drunk on a good bottle of wine.  But sometimes, my enjoyment of [......]

Jun 202014

Someone wise once said, “Movies are the magic butterflies that help us play dreams of transcendence.” Actually, nobody said that, because that makes absolutely zero sense. But movies are pretty neat. And, more often than not, it’s the jaw-dropping special effects that make them so. Most special effects rely on huge, life-sized replicas of whole [......]

Jun 172014

Throughout the Ukraine–Russia conflict, many countries and leaders have spoken out against Putin’s aggression. US, EU, and others have employed the full range of powerful diplomatic and economic tools at their disposal, from sanctioning a few people to sanctioning a few dozen people. And yet, during all this time, they have only managed to express [......]

Jun 112014

The thing about spammy email marketers is that they work from a script. They’re like a parrot with a few memorised phrases. No matter what you say to them, they’ll reply with their prepackaged spiel. Well, not all of them, it turns out. Sometimes, a marketer comes along that truly engages with you. A marketer [......]


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