Toilet humour…

Here’s a quick bite-sized post for you all, just in time for Friday. Our workplace decided to step up their game and teach employees some toilet etiquette. Taking issue with their phrasing I decided to create this half-assed home-made meme. What else am I going to do at work on a Friday? Work?! Yes, I do have too much time on my hands. Thanks for asking. Happy weekend!

Very the bestest bus in the countries!

Yet again I return from a trip to the motherland. Yes, it was good, thanks. Yes, I did drink vodka.  No, I didn’t force feed borsch to hapless tourists while screaming “this is what real freedom tastes like, you capitalist pigs!”. Although yes, I did actually eat some borsch. During this trip I have, for the first time ever, taken a bus from Kiev to Kharkov (my home city). The trip takes around 7 hours and […]

Guest Expressed: “Fred and Wilma have a lot to answer for”

Today’s guest, Charlie Curtis-Jones, takes us on a short journey through the history of communication. Don’t worry, it’s more fun than it may sound! Enter Charlie: It would have been hard for a caveman, relaxing in his cave alongside his loin-cloth adorned family and pet sabre-tooth tiger (The Flintstones is a documentary, right?) to imagine a world where one of the greatest bug-bears known to mankind is a teenager, babbling away on a mobile phone in […]

Stockholm’s Silly Sights

I’ve just returned from a nice weekend getaway to Stockholm. My fiancée and I have gone there to witness a live show of the one-man comedy army Louis C.K. If you don’t know who Louis C.K. is, I am so, so sorry. You have been deprived of life-enhancing laughter for way too long. You must check him out, starting with Shameless, working through Chewed Up and culminating in Hilarious. If you like these, then check out literally […]

I don’t know!

This week’s challenge at Dude Write is to tell an embarrassing true story, but keep it under 1500 characters. That’s around 200-300 words. Damnit, but I like my words! Anyways, here we go: I moved to Denmark from Ukraine at the age of 14. I spoke no Danish at the time, because Russian and Danish languages are a bit different. Shocking, I know. I did learn one phrase though. That phrase was “Det ved jeg […]