Jun 192012
Voting for the dudes...

Just two days ago I’ve informed you about my participation in the new DudeWrite initiative. Everybody was rejoiced and the announcement took the world by storm. Literally millions of people flocked to my blog to leave comments, but mysteriously only around five have actually written something. Must be the aggressive [.....]

Jun 172012
Writing with the dudes...

Alright, so I’ve just submitted my recent post about creepy dolls to a site called Dude Write. It’s a new initiative to bring men in the blogosphere together into a sort of “Gentlemen’s Club”. Except for it’s more like throwing the blogging men into a glass cage where we battle each [.....]

Jun 092012
I, spam collector: 10 more ridiculous spam lines

Welcome back to yet another instalment of the “spam lines” series. The two first entries are found here and here. In collecting these spam sentences I’ve learned an important lesson about spammers: they never run out of creativity. So many different spam messages out there. The scary implication of this [.....]


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