Mar 012012

A while back I’ve mocked our work canteen for a dubious and pointless sign they’d put up to describe a dish. It turns out that unintentionally funny signs are their forte. I’m hereby starting what promises to be a recurring theme involving the stuff our canteen comes up with. Whenever I notice one of their [……]

Feb 282012

Today James Harper walks us through some terrible…terrible cars. Enter James: Over the past few decades of mass automotive manufacture there have been some real pioneers in automotive design that have truly revolutionised the various fields that come together to create a complete car. On the other hand, however, there have been a number of [……]

Feb 262012

We wake up at 7:00 and head down for breakfast at 7:50. We’re getting picked up at 8:30 so we should have plenty of time, right? Wrong! As we enter the restaurant area it’s immediately clear that breakfast management is a complete disaster. There are around 30 tourists here and they all seem exasperated. Three [……]

Feb 242012

Today I bring you a post by Amy Fowler. She gives us some tips on what’s worth collecting and what’s better off left to collect dust. Enter Amy: Collecting is a hobby many of us have drilled into us from childhood. We’re led to believe that not only is it fun, but if we wait [……]

Feb 222012

In late 2011 I’ve written a blog post where I made fun of the sexist nature of a book called “Don’ts For Wives”. You can read this world-famous and critically acclaimed article right here. Today I woke up to a fun little comment on that article: I’m extremely touched to have received my first ever [……]

Feb 192012

The world is full of crazy people. This is a scientific fact verified by prominent contemporary thinkers (citation needed) and readily observable in any comment thread on Youtube. Previously I have taken on the nutjobs that sell stuff on eBay, exposed crazies that send spam and even described my first-hand experience of living with a psycho flatmate. [……]

Feb 172012

You may recall how I’ve made fun of Facebook , because their logic algorithm is less of a “relevant recommendations” tool and more of a “stating the obvious” joke. Well, I’m happy to announce that my blog post was brought to the attention of Mark Zuckerberg himself and he’s introduced some much needed changes. Which is to say, [……]

Feb 162012

At 4:30 in the morning we’re woken up by the family on the lower berth. And by “we” I mean the whole train. For some reason the family seems convinced that the lower berth is surrounded by an invisible sound-proof barrier, because they make no attempt at modulating their voices. They’re loudly talking to each other [……]


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