Apr 092012

You may recall that I’ve complained about Danish weather before. On several occasions.  It’s kind of a hobby of mine. Complaining in general is pretty neat, but bad weather is that one universally acceptable topic to complain about. It unites people across cultures and continents. It ends wars and turns villains into heroes. What’s that? No bad weather has ever done that? Well, that wasn’t my point anyway! I don’t even know what my point [.....]

Apr 082012

Today Anthony Collins tells us what we can do during those magical 9 minutes provided by the “Snooze” button. Enter Anthony: This morning, like most mornings, my alarm went off at 7.10am. Also like most mornings, I didn’t actually get out of bed until 7.37am because I pressed the ‘Snooze’ button 3 times. But something different happened this morning too. As I leaned over to press the button with my eyes barely open for my [.....]

Apr 072012

At 6 in the morning I wake to discover that my thumb has gotten even worse. I can barely move it at all. The area around the thumb is swollen and hard to the touch. No obvious signs of a mutant insect trying to eat my hand from the inside, but you never know. After a while, tiredness wins over paranoia and I manage to fall asleep again until 8:30. For some reason my hand doesn’t [.....]

Apr 062012

Everyone knows breakfast cereal can be deadly. Well fear no longer, Taggart has got you covered. Enter Taggart: When I was a kid, there were very few things I was scared of. Rabid dogs, kids named Pat, and fat people in spandex. Now that I’m older and have a better grip on reality, I can add one more. Something that tears at our flesh, makes our bodies shake and yet we come back for more. [.....]

Apr 052012

So there’s this place online called GoAnimate. You go there and you animate stuff. No, really. You pick a few characters, type their dialogue and through the miracle of text-to-speech technology a little cartoon is created. It’s quite neat. Anyone who can type can now create a terrible cartoon nobody wants to watch. Like this exercise in pointlessness I just made: The above is what happens when you give someone unqualified five minutes of free [.....]

Apr 032012

Today Sean introduces us to some gruesome, yet useful tips for becoming a pro at zombie killing during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Enter Sean: The undead have a natural knack for not staying dead. So how do you kill a zombie? Are they every truly “killed”? In most movies and Sci-Fi horror films, zombies do seem to be able to be killed or at least stopped. I would liken it to giving them a final [.....]

Apr 022012

You may be familiar with the multitude of prior polls I’ve run on this blog, such as “What types of posts would you like?“, the “Superhero Poll” and…well, yeah that’s about it. You are probably also familiar with the many guest articles I’ve been hosting recently. If you haven’t read a single guest post yet, go right ahead and check some out. Also, shame on you. And you call yourself a “fan who believes Daniel to [.....]


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