Jan 312012

eBay is a great place. Even though I’ve never bid on anything myself, I’m sure countless people have become proud owners of everything from collectible toothpicks to self-sufficient private islands and nuclear launch codes. It’s a place where buyers can find almost anything they want and sellers get a fair price for whatever it is [……]

Jan 292012

7AM. Rise and shine. Or, rise, slither out of bed onto the floor and crawl to the bathroom. Then slide down for some food. The hotel’s breakfast buffet is quite varied. There’s a lot of fresh fruit, banana and mango pancakes, various western and Vietnamese dishes and, of course, Cà-Phê (with fresh milk, no less). [……]

Jan 272012

Today I bring you a post by Kimberley Newey. She explores spectacle-enhanced dating strategies. Enter Kimberley: Glasses have had a strange and interesting evolution throughout history. I don’t mean technologically, although that too, but glasses have taken an interesting journey through social trends and status in society. Case in point: glasses used to be an [……]

Jan 252012

Some weeks back a fellow writer, blogger and Twitterer by the name of M. E. Franco has sent a shoutout my way on Twitter. The tweet read: “Versatile Blogger Award worthy!”. Upon reading that I thought: “Well, cool! I’m certainly a blogger, I guess I’m versatile and I also know that ‘award’ is a noun. [……]

Jan 242012

Today I bring you a post by Warren Kings, who talks about some famous characters with eyesight problems. Enter Warren: Throughout the fantasy world, visually impaired characters feature in some strange roles – often involving vast amounts of mortal combat. In the real world, our visually impaired heroes are mostly artistically or scholarly inclined. You [……]

Jan 222012

Remember how I’ve told you that we were basically finished with the new apartment? Yeah, I lied. Turns out that blind optimism mixed with poor judgement result in wrong timeline projections. Who would have thought? Yes, we have bought all of the furniture. Yes, I have assembled most of the IKEA chests of drawers during [……]

Jan 202012

Today Eli McGonagall points out a few terrible movies that may actually prove to be entertaining (sort of). Enter Eli: There’s no doubt about it: some films are simply bad. They might be poorly written, poorly acted or just so camp that you can’t take them in any way seriously… but is this (particularly in [……]

Jan 182012

Dear friends, family, casual onlookers…and also you! Yes, even YOU (whatever your name is). If you have a well developed memory and a functioning eyesight you may have noticed that my posts have been a bit sporadic the past few days. Rest assured that I did not forget about you…well, except maybe you (whoever you [……]


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