6 self-defence gadgets (invented by lunatics) 41

The world is full of crazy people. This is a scientific fact verified by prominent contemporary thinkers (citation needed) and readily observable in any comment thread on Youtube. Previously I have taken on the nutjobs that sell stuff on eBay, exposed crazies that send spam and even described my first-hand experience of living with a psycho flatmate. […]

Circular Logic, Take Two 3

You may recall how I’ve made fun of Facebook , because their logic algorithm is less of a “relevant recommendations” tool and more of a “stating the obvious” joke. Well, I’m happy to announce that my blog post was brought to the attention of Mark Zuckerberg himself and he’s introduced some much needed changes. Which is to say, […]

The Vietnam Diaries 2011: July 29th – Ninh Binh 4

At 4:30 in the morning we’re woken up by the family on the lower berth. And by “we” I mean the whole train. For some reason the family seems convinced that the lower berth is surrounded by an invisible sound-proof barrier, because they make no attempt at modulating their voices. They’re loudly talking to each other […]

Guest Expressed: “6 Horror Movies that You’ll Want to Watch Again and Again” 2

Today Frederic presents us with a few horror movies you may want to watch…for laughs. Enter Frederic: When it comes to horror movies, many are so poorly made you cringe watching them. That isn’t the case for these hilarious films, that combine aspects of traditional horror movie with ridiculous plots and characters generally found in […]

Different kinds of warm 3

So, we have a canteen at work. Every day it serves different warm dishes in addition to the main one. Normally they have a pretty good idea as to what they’re serving and announce it accordingly. Last Friday, however, they seem to have looked at whatever they’ve cooked and said “fuck it, it’s some kind […]

The Vietnam Diaries 2011: July 28th – Dong Hoi 11

A harmonious symphony of banging doors, people stamping on stairs and street noises wakes me up at 7:30. The sun is shining in my face so I’m having a hard time falling back to sleep. I walk over to draw the curtains to shut the sun out. As I pull on the curtains, the entire […]

Guest Expressed: “Top 3 Office Pranks” 2

Today Mark Johnson shows us a few ways to annoy our colleagues. Don’t try this at home (it’s for office use, remember?). Enter Mark: When you’ve been working together at once place for a while, you tend to feel the need to do things to spice up your relationship with your fellow employees (no, no […]

This just in… 2

…our wardrobe, that is! You may recall my wardrobe woes from an earlier post. It’s a cheerful tale of how instead of getting a smaller wardrobe we ended up destroying our apartment. It’s fun for the whole family. Well, the past weekend this tragic tale came to an end. And, in true Hollywood fashion, a […]