Jun 092012
I, spam collector: 10 more ridiculous spam lines

Welcome back to yet another instalment of the “spam lines” series. The two first entries are found here and here. In collecting these spam sentences I’ve learned an important lesson about spammers: they never run out of creativity. So many different spam messages out there. The scary implication of this [.....]

Jun 072012
Guest Expressed: "10 Worst Album Covers of All Time"

Today’s guest post makes fun of some ridiculous album covers. Let’s go: In no particular order, here’s a rundown of the ten worst album covers of all time. Though there are a few obscure albums that could be contenders for this list, the plan here was to focus on well [.....]

Jun 032012
Guest Expressed: "Mistranslated English Signs"

Today¬†John Audrey Jones returns with more funny signs. This time signs in “English” are under attack. Enter John: One of the most amusing things about visiting a foreign country is the attempts to write signs in English. Some mistranslated signs are confusing, others are not understandable whilst others could get [.....]


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