Jan 182012

Dear friends, family, casual onlookers…and also you! Yes, even YOU (whatever your name is). If you have a well developed memory and a functioning eyesight you may have noticed that my posts have been a bit sporadic the past few days. Rest assured that I did not forget about you…well, except maybe you (whoever you [......]

Jan 162012

Today I bring you a hilarious rant/advice from Kombucha on decorating bachelor pads. Enter Kombucha: Dear Guys, This is a letter to you from your future girlfriend. Or maybe a friend of hers. At the very least, a fellow woman who has her best interests at heart. It’s about your place. Yes, we know you [......]

Jan 152012

We get up at 8:00 and head for breakfast. Remember how I’ve talked about the mysteries of fresh milk in Vietnam? Well, this is our first experience with it. We order our breakfast and coffee with milk (neither of us drink black coffee). To my delight and to Katka’s disappointment both of our coffees are [......]

Jan 122012

Today Jesse Marsh introduces us to some unusual and creative ways to use hairspray. Enter Jesse: Listen up ladies, and gents! You’ve all used hairspray. It’s ok to admit it. And while hairspray works wonders for your hair, it also works wonders for great things that you probably have no idea about. Let me enlighten [......]

Jan 102012

Today Darren sings us a belated Christmas Carol, the way it should have been sung at the end of 2011. Enter Darren: With all due respect to old English who supposedly wrote the Christmas Carol, let’s get real and admit that we no longer care about milking maids and leaping lords.  Just tell us what’s [......]

Jan 092012

I’m up at 6:00 and, immediately continuing yesterday’s train of thought, my first move is to check whether my phone is somewhere in the cabin. The French couple is already awake and are out in the train aisle. I climb down and search for my phone on the floor. No luck. Once Katka is awake [......]

Jan 072012

Today Kristy Ramirez walks us through some unusual tombstones found around the world. Enter Kristy: The tombstone is traditionally associated with a sombre message – it serves as a permanent physical reminder of the person who rests at its feet, and proclaims their best characteristics. However, people have not always stuck with traditional gravestone symbolism [......]


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