May 202012
Guest Expressed: "13 Most Ridiculous Solid Gold Items"

Today Kristy Kravitsky visits us to discuss some over-the-top gold items being sold. Tacky? Hell yes! Enter Kristy: When people think of gold, they think of luxury, wealth, dainty and beautiful jewelry, and other such trinkets. But there can be a bad side to gold, a really bad side. When [.....]

May 172012
Guest Expressed: "10 Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse"

Zombies are coming and this blog has already given advice on how to fight them. Today’s guest – Daniel Crieg – gives us even more tips on surviving the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Enter Daniel: What if the fictional zombie attacks became a reality? Well, it is better to assume that [.....]

May 162012
Guest Expressed: "Crutch To The Crotch: The Weirdest Stories From The Most Lethal Fighting Style Invented"

Today Barald visits us to tell a cautionary tale about messing with people on crutches! Enter Barald: As the tight-knit cardigan that is the fabric of our society slowly disintegrates into something resembling a fishnet tank-top of some variety, only two entertaining activities remain easily accessible to all. Those activities [.....]


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