Apr 012012

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you a guest from fellow blogger Ella Medler. She’s hosted an article of mine on her blog last week. This week she visits my blog to talk about a problem known to us all – parents dealing with technology. Enter Ella: Like the majority of people mildly concerned about the precarious independence of their aging parents, I succumbed to the hottest trend and equipped my dear mother with [.....]

Mar 312012

Join me for yet another trip down memory lane. I know, it’s pretty impressive that I’m able to retain multiple memories from the past (like, at least 5). But my amazing brain is not why we’re here today. We’re here to talk about the time I went through an army medical exam in Ukraine. Let’s go. At some point during my university studies (in Denmark) Ukraine started handing out so-called “identification numbers” to all its [.....]

Mar 292012

Today Jonathan will tell us about some bizarre subject that you could actually study. Enter Jonathan: There’s always pressure from government and industry for students to be taught real-world skills, in order to prepare them for a lifetime of work. But let’s face it, if you’re just studying English or Chemistry, that’s not going to stand out on your CV when it comes to making a potential employer sit up and take notice. Here are [.....]

Mar 272012

I’ve grown to really like Twitter. Sure, it may be a place full of irrelevant verbal haemorrhage. Sometimes the steady stream of random tweets makes me feel like I’m stuck in the mind of a deranged telemarketer. People are out there promoting stuff, making inane statements about the colour of their breakfast or sharing regurgitated inspirational quotes. In short, it’s just like real life, but condensed into 140 characters. Despite all that, it’s also the [.....]

Mar 262012

Today I bring you a guest post that traces the origins of the air guitar all the way back to Viking times. Who knew?! Be honest, we’ve all done it, either after a few drinks or when we thought no one was watching. The air guitar has to be one of the most versatile instruments ever created. It moulds itself to our body shape, our mood, our playing style, and is completely weightless. There are [.....]

Mar 252012

You may have noticed that I’ve been hosting quite a few guests on the blog lately. Or you may have seen “Guest Expressed” posts and wondered whether I’m developing a split personality. Well, last week Ella Medler, a fellow blogger and a recently published author of Martin Little, Resurrected, approached me to write a guest post for her blog. I thought it would be nice to finally try the other side of guest blogging for a change. [.....]

Mar 242012

Today we get the ultimate pillow fighting guide from Mark Gregory, a professional pillow-gladiator. Enter Mark: Pillow fights are serious business.  To the victor go the spoils and the glory, and the loser knows he has been bested in a game of such simplicity that his shame will burn redder than his exhausted, battered, puffing, cheeks. Like any serious martial art, pillow fighting must be practiced and studied for one to become a great.  The [.....]


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