Mar 252013

I’ve just returned from a nice weekend getaway to Stockholm. My fiancée and I have gone there to witness a live show of the one-man comedy army Louis C.K.

If you don’t know who Louis C.K. is, I am so, so sorry. You have been deprived of life-enhancing laughter for way too long. You must check him out, starting with Shameless, working through Chewed Up and culminating in Hilarious. If you like these, then check out literally anything else of his! DO IT!

You all know me, so you know what’s coming. Yup, some more pictures snapped in the streets of Stockholm, to be ridiculed. Let’s make it happen.

Tram Signs Stockholm, Stockholms Silly Sights

No Moonwalking OR Capoeira on the tram? Sounds boring!

Car Suicide, Stockholms Silly Sights

“Dude, don’t do it, she’s not worth it! You’ll find another Renault!”

Chimneys In Disguise, Stockholms Silly Sights

“Sssshhhh! Stay very quiet, they won’t know we’re not people!”

Fighting Bunnies, Stockholms Silly Sights

“Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em” Rabbits. Coming summer 2013!

Red Tie Thieves, Stockholms Silly Sights

That’s uncanny! How’d you know I wear a red tie and carry Monopoly money in my pocket?!

Rude Elevator Hiss, Stockholms Silly Sights

Well that’s an unnecessarily rude elevator!

Slipping On A Roomba, Stockholms Silly Sights

Slipping on a Roomba – the number one cause of home injuries!

Flying Colourful Bikes, Stockholms Silly Sights

Yet another group of hapless hippies are lured into Magneto’s clever trap!

That’s all for now.

Tomorrow I’m leaving to Ukraine until the 8th of April, so there’s a good chance I won’t be posting stuff. Then again, I’m fickle, so who knows, right?

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  1. I love in the first one, that an arrow is pointing toward the stick figure’s crotch. Hmm…
    Have fun on your adventure!

  2. The Thieves one, now that is great. Wish we had fun signs like that here in the US of “Amurica” but all we have over here are billboards that warn us that we are going to lose our rights to own guns and Obama is a job-killer and there is an XXX Adult Supercenter at the next exit.

  3. These are great! I loved “Sssshhhh! Stay very quiet, they won’t know we’re not people!”, mostly because I’ve run into poles before, only to apologize before realizing it’s not an actual person. Please tell me I’m not the only one to do that.

    We missed out on Stockholm when we did our Baltic tour. It was our last stop, but we got called back due to a family emergency, and all we saw was the airport. I guess the ice bar will have to happen next time.

    Have a great time in the Ukraine. Maybe you’ll see my ancestors. They’ll be the ones whose sons are making penis and poo jokes.

  4. So wait… Are the bunnies the one fighting animal testing!? This is how the zombie apocalypse starts…


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  5. Okay, my family is from Sweden, and that made all of these so much funnier!! Thanks for providing a flood of awesome memories!! :)

  6. What a rude elevator! The thieves look like you and me sign was enlightening, up to now, I thought all thieves had horns and a tail. Leaving again, eh? Have a great time in the Ukraine.


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