Lazy cat post

I get lazy sometimes. Okay, often. All the time, actually. That’s why all you get today is a lazy cat post, which isn’t at all like this post about a literal cat post. What’s a lazy cat post? It’s a post where I let cute cat pictures do all the talking for me. The Internet has been using this same trick since its inception, so why reinvent the wheel? Right? Right! Here are some pictures […]

I’m not a cat killer

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not a cat killer. In case anyone was wondering. I don’t have anything against cats. I’m not a cat-ist. Some of my best friends are cats. In fact, I have two cats at home. I buy stuff for my cats. I’m a pretty good cat…haver…person. However, I recently realized that the way I talk to my cats could be…misconstrued. You see, I love the little bastards. How […]

A brief video break…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. According to my calculations, that means a 10-second video is equivalent to a 240,000-word novel. Right? RIGHT? I sure hope so, because then I’m about to drop a multiple-volume epic saga on your heads. Words are good, but sometimes me no want word much, so me do video instead. That’s a lot of words to basically say one thing: I’m feeling lazy, so you’re getting some […]

WTF Report: “Is it purring?”

I am a proud owner of not one, not two, but…no wait, “two” was correct…two cats. As a cat owner you quickly discover what a huge hassle it is to find out whether your cat is purring. Sure, it seems like all you need is a pair of functioning ears, but reality isn’t always that simple. What if your cat is a quiet purrer? What if you’re listening to Britney’s new album in your headphones? […]

WTF Report: “Jumping Jokes”

I’m nursing a cold and a headache (although I really should get someone else to do it, I’m not qualified to nurse anyone). That’s why today I’m taking the easy way out and just throwing a bunch of outdated, yet funny videos at your eyeballs. With minimal commentary. They all involve jumping fails, mostly well deserved and karmic. Enjoy: You “fuck ze fucking world”, the world fucks you back, guy! Well played, chair, well played. […]