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I’m not a cat killer 7

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not a cat killer. In case anyone was wondering. I don’t have anything against cats. I’m not a cat-ist. Some of my best friends are cats. In fact, I have two cats at home. I buy stuff for my cats. I’m a pretty good cat…haver…person. However, I […]

A brief video break… 12

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. According to my calculations, that means a 10-second video is equivalent to a 240,000-word novel. Right? RIGHT? I sure hope so, because then I’m about to drop a multiple-volume epic saga on your heads. Words are good, but sometimes me no want word much, so me […]

Cat Chronicles: June 12

Have you ever had your tail pinched in a door? If you haven’t, there’s a good chance you’re not a cat. If you have, then you know how Django felt around one week ago. Our cats, seeing as they’re cats, still haven’t grasped such concepts as “don’t scratch that”, “don’t play with that” and “don’t […]

Our cats are backwards 12

We’ve now had Django and Pebbles at home for almost two weeks. They’re everything you’d expect kittens to be: cute, cuddly, playful, too-curious-for-own-good. The lot. However, I’ve been noticing some patterns in their behaviour. Patterns that hint at things not being quite right with these little cats. Yes, I’m afraid our two kittens are a […]

If you build it…they will scratch 20

In a shocking turn of events that nobody could have foreseen, today’s post is…again about cats. More specifically, it’s about our cat preparations. While some cat gadgets are undeniably insane, many are useful and even necessary. Scratching posts are just such necessities. If you don’t provide your cat with some alternative scratching options, rest assured […]