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Flash Fiction: “Not ready…”

A new Flash Fiction challenge at Dude Write is open. This is my submission. As always, 500 words maximum. This month’s prompt: She ran through the forest, ignoring the scrapes left on her exposed arms by the tree branches, the chilling air that sneaked through her thin dress and under her skin, the pain in her tired legs. She ran to get away as far as she could, to find a place to hide, to […]

Tarantino Movie Soup: “The Black”

Another week, another competition on Dude Write. This time we’re playing the “Tarantino Movie Soup Game“. You know, the Tarantino Movie Soup Game? You don’t know the Tarantino Movie Soup Game?! Damn, I wish I were given some sort of a rule book for this game, so I could explain how it works. Oh wait, I did get one, here it is: Because I’m so progressive I didn’t make no old school sets of cards, […]

Flash Fiction: “Search & Retrieve”

Entry into the February flash fiction round at Dude Write. As always, 500 words max, using the following prompt: The ship came out of hyperdrive about ten million kilometres from Mars. Doozor flipped on the stasis brakes, sending Fraz flying helplessly through the main cabin – all two thousand metres of it. Fortunately, Fraz managed to stop himself successfully. Less fortunately, he did so by colliding with two separate cargo containers and finally slamming into […]

Flash Fiction: “A free man”

This is another entry for the flash fiction challenge at Dude Write. The rules are, as always: 1. I have to use the given prompt 2. The piece has to be under 500 words. This month’s prompt: Jack looked at his watch. Seconds were slowly creeping towards seven in the morning. The money train would pass by the station at exactly 7:13. Just like it did every morning, week after week. Jack knew. He’d been watching. […]

I’m special

Hey, remember Dude Write? That was a trick question – of course you remember Dude Write. I write about them every other post. In fact, I mention Dude Write so often in my posts that I’m probably stealing Google search rankings from them. Take that, suckers! What you may also remember is that they’ve been running a flash fiction contest on a monthly basis. This motivated me to write lots of flash fiction stories. OK, […]