eBay Troll

eBay Troll: “Regenerating Haiku”

You already know that I like trolling shady people. Sometimes I write back to email scammers, sometimes I chase after sellers of questionable metaphysical items on eBay.¬†You probably also know that I had a minor fling with haiku. By now you probably figured out where I’m going with this…what?! No! Jesus, that’s not at all where I was going! How could you even think of something like that, you’re disgusting! Where I’m going with this…is […]

eBay Troll: “Reconnective Healing”

I have good news! I have finally found a way to combine my two favourite hobbies – mocking ridiculous eBay “magic” and messing with scammers. You see, it turns out every seller on eBay can be contacted personally with questions. So, after setting up a dedicated eBay account I began contacting sellers of “haunted rings” and other magical items in an attempt to spark up a conversation. It wasn’t long before the seller of this […]