eBay Troll: “Regenerating Haiku”

You already know that I like trolling shady people. Sometimes I write back to email scammers, sometimes I chase after sellers of questionable metaphysical items on eBay. You probably also know that I had a minor fling with haiku. By now you probably figured out where I’m going with this…what?! No! Jesus, that’s not at all where I was going! How could you even think of something like that, you’re disgusting! Where I’m going with this…is […]

eBay Troll: “Magic Slim Pills”

It’s my birthday today! *pause for the standing ovation and rain of confetti, candy and larger presents (who threw those?!) to die down* So I’ll share a mini-conversation with an eBay peddler of “magic” pills as my birthday gift to you. I don’t know how birthdays work. Enjoy the bite-sized nonsense while I go attend to my Facebook wall (those birthday wishes aren’t gonna “like” themselves). From: Daniel To:  Mingjingdang Hi Mr. Ming Gjing Dang, […]

Guest Expressed: “5 Of the Weirdest Items Ever Sold on eBay”

Recently I’ve talked about kick-ass superpowers you can buy on eBay. Today a guest poster Amy shows us a few more odd things one can find there. Enter Amy: Most people head to eBay in order to get rid of some junk from their house, or to buy retro video games, craft goods, or replacement parts for their washing machine.  It’s generally accepted that eBay is a great place to pick up odd bits and […]

8 Awesome Superpowers (that can be yours thanks to eBay)

eBay is a great place. Even though I’ve never bid on anything myself, I’m sure countless people have become proud owners of everything from collectible toothpicks to self-sufficient private islands and nuclear launch codes. It’s a place where buyers can find almost anything they want and sellers get a fair price for whatever it is they’re selling. Hurrah to consumerism! However, in the deepest recesses of eBay lurk some truly special finds. These magical spells […]