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eBay Troll: “Regenerating Haiku” 10

You already know that I like trolling shady people. Sometimes I write back to email scammers, sometimes I chase after sellers of questionable metaphysical items on eBay. You probably also know that I had a minor fling with haiku. By now you probably figured out where I’m going with this…what?! No! Jesus, that’s not at all […]

Guest Expressed: “Clown Jewels: 5 Cases of Incompetent Jewellery Thieves” 5

In today’s guest post, Stephanie turns the “stupid criminals” series into a trilogy. Enter Stephanie: In the movies, jewellery thieves are often portrayed as clever, charming and witty – such as David Niven’s suave burglar ‘The Phantom’ whose ambition in life is to steal the fabled ‘Pink Panther’. In real life however, jewellery thieves regularly […]