search term roulette

Search Term Roulette: “Defective superpowers” edition

I believe it was Google’s co-founder Larry Page who once famously said, “Seek and ye shall find!” People have been seeking ever since. It’s not always clear what people are seeking, however. Google’s algorithms are good, but people’s collective ability to come up with gibberish search terms is so, so much better. When Google can’t match people’s word puzzles to actually useful pages, it sends them to my decidedly unuseful blog. That strategy is bad […]

Search Term Roulette: “Funny car” edition

Our three-week family trip to Czech Republic is coming to an end. While you wait for me to return, enjoy this quarterly “Search Term Roulette,” where I look at some of the weird search terms that bring people to my blog. 1. Is hair spray just as good as bug spray? Better, actually. The last time I tried using bug spray on my hair, I passed out and woke up in Andorra with a suitcase […]

Search Term Roulette: “Djinn superpowers” edition

It’s June, isn’t it? We’re long overdue for yet another search term roulette, aren’t we? Rhetorical questions get annoying pretty quickly, don’t they? I haven’t forgotten my sacred duty to deliver the quarterly search term digest. Don’t you worry. I may be a father now, but I know where my priorities lie! And so…here are some more kooky search terms that, against all odds, led people to my blog: 1. Why less white rappers? Most […]

Search Term Roulette: “No talking” edition

“Knock Knock” “Who’s there?” “It’s me, the quarterly search term roulette.” “Weren’t you supposed to make a joke?” “You shut right the hell up!” Well…that was weird, wasn’t it? I’m happy we could share this moment. Now let’s move on. It’s spring, so it’s time for another dose of search term roulette. To the uninitiated: People use Google to search for stuff. Google takes them to my blog. Google tells me what search terms they […]

Search Term Roulette: “Coffin Cow” edition

I’m back with another installment of “Search Term Roulette,” where I dissect the often bizarre search terms that bring people to my blog. I’ll never know who’s behind these searches, but I bet at least some of them come from a robot that’s recently gained sentience and is now trying to learn about our human society via search engines. We should all be very afraid. 1. Fuck Space-India I know! Space-India is the worst! May […]