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Search Term Roulette: “If I had known” edition 11

All right, boys and girls. Gather around and stop reading my blog! What are you doing? This blog is for adults! Why aren’t you in bed yet?! Kids these days… Anyway, it’s time for the quarterly search term bonanza. It’s also time to stop saying “bonanza.” Nobody says that anymore. Never say “bonanza,” you’ll embarrass […]

Search Term Roulette: Cat food and wigs edition 11

It’s spring, so it’s time for the quarterly search term roulette. Standing on the shoulders of the search term roulettes that came before it, this episode embraces everything that’s beautiful about the Internet in general, and Google in particular. Below are some search terms that people used to find my blog, along with my commentary. […]

Search Term Roulette: Winter Edition 17

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats. Also, stop wearing hats indoors—it’s tacky and entirely unnecessary. It’s December, so you all know what that means. It’s time for the traditional, quarterly search term roulette. I collect all sorts of wacky search terms that land people on my blog. Then I share them with you, […]

Search Term Roulette: Autumn Edition 9

Can you feel it? Autumn’s in the air! Leaves are turning yellow, days are getting shorter, armadillos are…doing whatever the fuck armadillos do when it’s autumn. Here on Nest Expressed, it’s time for our seasonal edition of “Search Term Roulette”. For those who don’t know, this segment is where I pick out real search terms […]