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An open letter to Putin from a concerned Ukrainian 54

Dear Mr. Comrade Putin, First of all, let me assure you that I—like most Ukrainians—fully support your current activities in my country. All of us want to see Ukraine once again become a part of a strong and mighty Soviet Union. We desperately need Russia to rescue us from all those gays, progressive political ideas, and people who insist on openly speaking their minds under the pretext of this “free speech” nonsense. You have demonstrated […]

A Girl Who Travels 52

I saw this post on Facebook. It’s called “Don’t date a girl who travels.” It’s a charming post by a young woman named Adi, who loves to travel. It received some well-deserved attention. It spawned a “rebuttal” post, called—wait for it—“Date a girl that travels” and yet another post that asked whether you’d even want to date a girl who travels. Thing is, these posts mostly focus on the extreme example of a girl who travels: the archetypal “free […]

The How-To Guide to “Fuck It” 28

A lot of people ask me: “Daniel, how do you always stay so cheerful and positive? What’s your secret?” Fine, some people ask me that. Two. Two people may have asked me that question at some point. The answer is simple. No matter what happens, no matter what people say, my response to stressful and difficult situations is always “fuck it.” That’s a lie. The response is not always “fuck it.” Sometimes it’s just “fuck,” sometimes it’s […]

What’s that on my finger? 47

Hint: it’s not a Triceratops. First, Triceratops are way too large to fit on a finger. Second, they’ve been extinct for at least a couple of years or so. Know your history, reader! Did you guess it yet? Correct: it’s a ring. One ring to rule them all. Or, in this case, one ring to rule one man, am I right? Marriage humour. Ha-ha. Good times. As you have gathered from that long-winded and entirely […]

Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws: 5 reasons they’re necessary 40

Top news of the day: I have returned to Denmark, but will be leaving again in a week to partake in the minor event called my-freaking-wedding-holy-schlimazel-I’m-going-to-be-married-soon-how-crazy-is-that. In other, less momentous news, everyone is wondering whether Russia’s anti-gay bill will affect the upcoming Olympics in Sochi. The simple and unambiguous answer to that, of course, is that it most definitely will, but absolutely, categorically will not. While many people oppose Russia’s bill, I am here to talk […]