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In the past few years I’ve been doing a fair amount of travelling. Travel broadens our horizons and improves our cultural sensitivity. But more than that – it gives us ample opportunity to come across some odd and occasionally hilarious stuff. Below I bring to you a few things I’ve found curious and/or funny during my travels.



Amsterdam (February 2009)

I was in Amsterdam visiting a friend over a weekend. Armed with a cell phone camera I snapped these photos:

Amsterdam 18 To Get In, Travel Oddities

“Sorry buddy, you gotta be at least 18 to get in – and since you’re a dog that’s pretty bad news for ya!”


Amsterdam Asshopper, Travel Oddities

They’re either missing a few letters or their entertainment program is pretty awesome!


Amsterdam I Besleeping, Travel Oddities

Thieves besneaking…


Amsterdam Open No Sex, Travel Oddities

Awww, just when you get my hopes up!


India (Spring 2010)

In April-May 2010 I was in India (mainly Bangalore and Delhi) visiting a friend. Despite a somewhat rough start (read more about that here) it ended up being a fantastic trip and I’ve met many great people. Here are some interesting shots from there:

India Beware Of Monkey Menace, Travel Oddities

Someone’s been traumatised by “Planet Of The Apes”


India Emergency Fire System, Travel Oddities

Emergency fire-extinguisher – check!


India Medicole Penicole, Travel Oddities

Pedicole AND Menicole?! SOLD!


India Pizzeria, Travel Oddities

A whole pizzeria, just for me? How can I lose?!


India STD Cabin, Travel Oddities

Special cabin facility with STDs? Not the most reputable brothel!


Vietnam (Summer 2011)

This summer my girlfriend and I have spent three weeks travelling in Vietnam. I will soon be posting some detailed travel journals from that trip. In the meantime, enjoy these oddities:

Vietnam Fuk Bar 664x1024, Travel Oddities

Happy hour must be insane in this place!


Vietnam Try Cock Today 682x1024, Travel Oddities

Wow, you guys are pretty forward out here…


Vietnam Mail Warning 1024x709, Travel Oddities

Warning: Mailbox almost full!


Vietnam Falling Tires, Travel Oddities

Watch out for falling tires…


Vietnam Regulations 1024x942, Travel Oddities

This one speaks for itself…badly


Vietnam Sacombank 1024x532, Travel Oddities

Really going (swimming?) the extra mile for your customer!


Do you have some curious shots from your trips? Can you find more interesting captions for the ones above? Drop me a comment!

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  1. Please try cock today?
    But I was saving that for my vacation!


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