Feb 252013

Lately I’ve been going on and on about how Denmark is quiet, peaceful and not scary at all in any way. It turns out I was lying. Even in calm old Denmark one isn’t immune from coming across indescribable horrors.

I was out in town on Saturday, engaging in regular Saturday activities – loitering, meeting friends, streaking naked through the main streets of Copenhagen while screaming “God save the King!” – you know, the usual. Suddenly, a sight in a clothes store window caught my eye. There were a few mannequins inside. Something about them wasn’t…quite…right.

Let’s see if you can spot it:

Mannequins with Frog Heads

“Murder! Kill! Oops, we meant ‘Ribbit, Ribbit!'”

Did you solve the mystery of “what’s wrong with these?” and “OH MY GOD, why, whyyyyyy?!”

Correct: the woman in the middle seems to be wearing a doughnut as a necklace! Horrifying, isn’t it?

Also, well played, smartass – Denmark has a queen, not a king. Go get yourself a cookie!

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  1. So, did the frogs eat the woman’s head? What kind of crazy is this? No wonder you’re streaking naked through Copenhagen.

  2. The frog-heads look like bad backup dancers… :P

  3. The frogs scare me a little, it looks live they devoured the other mannequin’s head.

    We have no king or queen here, so I have to be content shouting out, “Barack Obama save our economy!”

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