The luxury of working from home…

I’m lucky enough to have a job where I occasionally get to work from home. Every now and then I use this privilege to escape the rather noisy environment of our open-plan offices.

Today was one of those work from home days.

However, I seem to have angered some Gods above, so they have used their unlimited powers to unleash the ultimate torment…in the form of a lone construction guy setting up a scaffolding on the house next door. Granted, it’s not the worst punishment ever devised.

However, don’t think I’ve escaped lightly – take a listen to a recording made from inside my flat, with the window closed (you may want to turn down the volume a bit before you press “Play”):

If you’re a mental patient, this must be exactly what demons clawing at the inside of your brain sound like.

And speaking of mental patients…

5 thoughts on “The luxury of working from home…

  1. BakedAlaskaInOr says:

    Clearly, they’re doing construction on top of a haunted grave site. I’m pretty sure I heard screams of the tormented dead saying, “Go to the office.” “Leave us alone.”  “Where is my leg?” “There’s a dead cat in my coffin.”  Have you considered submitting the audio to the Animal channel as wild Elephant sound effects?  Anyway, this is just more confirmation for me that moving to the Alaska wilderness was the right thing to do.  Plus, I can see Russia from my house. :))  Great post as always. nestexpressed 


    •  @BakedAlaskaInOr Thanks, one of my very first ones on the blog! Those living dead and their whispers will forever haunt my dreams now…I may move to Alaska at some stage to escape insanity. In which case, I too will have Russia in my field of vision!


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