6 thoughts on “The new “Facebook Timeline” or “RIP Privacy”

  1. I love that “Lost a loved one” has been added to a drop down menu. That’s very convenient. It’s a powerful feeling to know you can get on social media and depress hundreds of people at one time. Jeez. Facebook, why can’t I quit you?


  2. I for one am glad they added those tragic life event options. I’m tired of typing them in. It will save me a lot of time. I wonder if they could add “irritating feminine itching” and “razor burn”? Maybe I’ll send them an email with some suggestions. 😛


  3. Facebook is addictive so I guess people won’t be put off by these major changes. After all we are the ones who choose what to share and what not to. So I guess the answer to this privacy issue is using your head before adding stuff online.


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