“The Sound Of Music”: Mock Recap (Part III)

The Captain sings a song called “Edelweiss”, in reference to a white flower found growing in the Alps. Liesl joins in and they finish the song together. Max now really wants the “Von Trapp Family Singers” to perform at the Festival. The Baroness makes a last ditch attempt to bring some attention to herself and suggests that the Captain throws her a huge party to really fill the house with music.

Cut to next scene: the party night. The Captain’s manor is filled with people. A live orchestra is playing. Cars and carriages are arriving. Captain and Baroness Schraeder are greeting the guests. A man named Zeller arrives and the Captain introduces him to the Baroness. Zeller walks over to the middle of the hall where a huge Austrian flag is hanging. Zeller looks at the flag disapprovingly. Captain looks at Zeller disapprovingly. A lot of disapproval going on. Zeller walks over to a man in the crowd of guests and conveys his disapproval of the blatant flag display.

Flags – pissing people off since the dawn of time

The children are outside discussing the adults. Liesl starts dancing with an imaginary man. Friedrich (one of the boys) asks her to dance with him instead, so they do. Maria joins the kids on the terrace. Inside, the music switches and the kids want to know what the dance is called. Maria tells them its Laendler – an Austrian folk dance. Kurt (the other one of the boys) asks her to show him the dance. While Maria is teaching Kurt the steps the Captain walks out to the terrace. Kurt sucks at dancing and Maria is struggling. The Captain cuts in and asks Maria to dance. Dancing must have been essentially equivalent to sex in the 30s, because by the end of the dance Maria is completely flustered. She stops and says she can’t remember any more steps. Brigitta (one of the girls) untactfully and needlesly points out that Maria’s face is red.

The Baroness, who has been watching, walks over to the Captain and tells him that he and Maria make a beautiful couple. Captain’s turn to be flustered. He awkwardly suggests it’s time for the children to head to bed. Maria says the kids have something special prepared. In this movie that can only mean one thing: they’re going to sing again. Maria and the kids walk off into the house, while the Baroness finds a few more different phrases to communicate her jealousy to the Captain. Yeah, I think he got it by now.

“Is it just me, or am I, like, really jealous right now?!”

Inside, Maria announces that the children wish to say good night to the guests. As expected, instead of just simply saying “good night” the kids sing a damn song. During the song they all leave upstairs one by one, singing “goodbye” in different languages. A few times they inventively rhyme “goodbye” with “goodbye”. When all the children are gone Max is even more convinced that he wants them to sing at the Festival. He insists that Maria joins them all for dinner so that he can discuss the Festival with her. The Captain allows it. The Baroness has run out of words to express her jealousy at this point, so she just silently sends hateful thoughts to Maria and Von Trapp. Maria goes up to change for dinner, presumably into something fancy made out of new drapes.

Zeller and the Captain have a nasty exchange. Zeller warns the Captain that the Anschluss is inevitable and mocks him by saying that perhaps the Germans should put their words into songs to get through to the Captain. Von Trapp says he’s sure that if Germany takes over Austria then Zeller will be “the entire trumpet section”. Oh burn! Zeller says: “You flatter me, Captain!”. Von Trapp retaliates with: “How clumsy of me. I meant to accuse you”. Oooooooh BURN!

Upstairs the Baroness is supposedly helping Maria pick out a dress, while in reality she has a badly hidden agenda. She tells Maria that the Captain is infatuated with her. Maria’s all like: “What? No way!”. The Baroness is all: “Oh come on, you know it!”. Maria’s like “Why?”. The Baroness is like “Because you love him too and he can’t resist that!”. Maria, having established that she loves the Captain and that he loves her back makes the only sensible decision in this situation…she decides to leave this house and never come back! Wait, what?! Baroness Schraeder uses every ounce of self-control to avoid breaking out into a victory dance. Making things even easier for the Baroness, Maria asks her to not say a word of this to the Captain. The Baroness “encouragingly” tells Maria that she’ll make a fine nun and heads downstairs to re-join the party.

“No dear, that’s a window. The exit is downstairs”

Downstairs, the Baroness joins Max and tells him that she feels like celebrating. Whoa, talk about counting your gift horse before it hatches (or…something). Max still wants to convince the Captain to let his kids sing at the festival. The Baroness says that maybe she’ll have more of a say in the matter now (hint hint). She walks over to the Captain and they start dancing.

Upstairs, Maria exits her room, dressed in her old clothes and carrying all of the stuff she brought with her from the Abbey. She walks downstairs into the empty hall (everyone is in the ballroom), places a written note on a table and hurries out the front door. Follow the story right here in Part IV.

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