Blogger Collab: “Aerial Invasion”

Some weeks ago my talented fellow blogger, Ria, started to engage her readers in a new and interactive way. Every Wednesday she starts a fictional piece, prompted by a curious picture. Ria only writes up a part of the story and invites her readers to complete it as they see fit. At the end these pieces are…pieced…together, creating a complete short story / sketch. This effort is aptly named Picture Worth a Thousand Words.

This week’s story was prompted by a picture of either a blimp hyper-realistically disguised as a cat or a gravity-defying cat from the future (they totally have those). I’m proud to have contributed to this somewhat crazy piece, which you can read in full on Ria’s blog: SpyglassViewer: Aerial Invasion

Stay tuned for (hopefully) more of these!

2 thoughts on “Blogger Collab: “Aerial Invasion”

  1. RiaMajumdar says:

    Thank you for writing all that nice stuff! *Preening my feathers in narcisstic pleasure* 😉 LOL. And keep contributing!! 🙂


    • Daniel Nest says:

      @RiaMajumdar No probs, I think it’s a great way to engage the audience! It was fun to contribute, let’s see if I can chip in for the next one as well!


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