Hurrah to circular logic

Amazon have this uncanny ability to bombard you with offers that you actually find relevant. That’s because they track your purchase history, monitor what pages you view and have an undercover agent following you 24/7. Their recommendations are almost always spot on, which is why people buy so much shit from their site. Statistics even show that excessive Amazon purchases are the primary reason people go bankrupt (source needed).

It is no wonder, then, that at some stage Facebook looked at Amazon‘s customized recommendations and figured: “we can do that!”. Unfortunately, it appears that the Facebook algorithm hasn’t quite been perfected yet, because this is what it showed me the other day:

Also, he’s very well liked by John Mayer fans

Thank you Facebook for making me aware of how logic works in the real world. I think I’ll go use this newly discovered “stating the obvious” power to fight evil. Or annoy my friends. Whichever is easier.

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