Crazy morning!

This morning I woke up to some pretty damn good news in my mailbox that I wanted to share with you all (minus those who don’t give a fuck). No, I didn’t win the lottery and no, you can’t have an orange-and-pink polka-dot painted Ferrari. Let me finish!

I checked my Twitter (cuz I’m connected like that) and found that my “Vietnam: General Observations” article was picked up and featured in The tonygreene113 Daily (Travel section). This is tonygreene113’s page on – an online “newspaper” that helps users compile different blogs/sites around the net into daily updated sections.

Moreover, I have been in touch with the editor of Fun Cage, a site that puts all sorts of funny stuff together, from pictures to videos to articles. He read and accepted my Modern Warfare 3 post for publication on their blog. I have just sent the source article to him and am eagerly awaiting the feedback and final confirmation, so that it can officially “move” to their site. Stay tuned for more on this.

Finally, a few fellow bloggers have gotten in touch with me via MyBlogGuest and are interested in hosting my articles on their blogs. Since I’ll soon be away for the holidays I won’t be able to write up stuff for them this year.

However, it seems like 2012 promises to be a good blogging year where I’ll extend my reach and get one step closer to world domination. Or, just, get featured on some sites and stuff…

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