Guest Expressed: “Bad habits die hard…”

Today I bring you a guest post from fellow blogger Diya. She ponders upon the weird habits people seem to have and the way they feel the need to air out their dirty laundry in public…aaaahm, figuratively speaking, of course. Enter Diya:

Do you remember that old lady on the train – you know, the one that picked her nose in front of you while you tried to drink your coffee and remember that job application speech? Well, there are many people like her all around the world (and probably on the Moon and Mars too – alien old-lady nose pickers).

Take the woman facing me on the bus, for example. She was a woman in her mid-thirties, with an old suit and a leather handbag. You would definitely NOT expect her to dig into her ear with her finger, gently rub around and then take it out and examine it for any ear-wax. And the younger lady next to her – she cut open a cigarette with nail scissors and emptied the contents onto her jacket. Getting a new strip of paper from her pocket, she scraped it all on the paper and cellotaped it together. Odd looking pair they were.

Does everyone have habits as bad as these? My father insists that he cooks his nail clippings and serves them to my mother and I, along with the soup he makes. A habit I have is that if I get hurt somewhere, the opposite side of my body has to be hurt in the same way too. Say I hit my arm, I have to hit the other one too.

Why are habits all bad? Sure – all those ‘super’ habits teachers used to tell us are floating around somewhere – doing homework, managing time correctly, not watching movies all night etc. But who cares about them – I’ve broken every good habit there is. The only habits people want to talk and read about are bad ones.

Urinating in the bath tub, chewing your toenails, picking your nose and throwing whatever comes out into the air – these are disgusting habits people have quite happily confessed to doing (I don’t know what they were drinking or smoking when they got the idea to post it on the Internet).

But the most annoying habits I know come from my family and friends. My best friend has a habit of producing a low coughing noise from time to time, kinda making it sound like a dog on laxatives. My own mother loves to suck air through her teeth whenever food is stuck inside them, but with all the practice she’s had through the years that noise sounds like a high pitched banshee howl. And um – my dad’s the one with the booger air-throwing habit.

The most troubling question is – why do these people express their bizarre habits in public? I don’t go chewing my fingers or hitting myself in front of everyone! There should be some special habit show or whatever if people are that fired up about showing off their disgusting mannerisms…

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