Guest Expressed: “8 Ways Men Try Using Glasses to Get Laid”

Today I bring you a post by Kimberley Newey. She explores spectacle-enhanced dating strategies. Enter Kimberley:

Glasses have had a strange and interesting evolution throughout history. I don’t mean technologically, although that too, but glasses have taken an interesting journey through social trends and status in society. Case in point: glasses used to be an instant ticket to getting beat up at lunch time, or a sure sign of not getting hit on at the school dance. As Dorothy Parker once said “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses” and for a while it seemed the opposite was also true. Nowadays though, this has changed.

Dorothy Parker’s statement doesn’t hold true to these 21st Century days. Glasses have managed to miraculously gain status in fashion and thus provide cool points, sex appeal, and an intelligence quotient sometimes more than those with 20/20 vision seem to be able to muster. The hipster trend has made geek chic glasses wearing men into the ultimate prize. Glasses are now seen as style enhancing and an accessory which can improve a look and even, in theory, help a man to win over a woman.

Here are 8 ways men try to use glasses to help them get laid…

1. Giving off an air of intelligence. Some men believe (with fairly good reason) that women these days like men who wear glasses. Wearing glasses can give an air of sophistication and can make some women more receptive to men’s charms. Beware though, women who like intelligent glasses wearing men are generally rather savvy, so if you pretend to look suave and intelligent in your stylish designer glasses but can’t speak about anything other than Xbox or Football when you open your mouth, this technique will not help you.

2. Tapping into that geek chic/hipster trend. Thick rimmed glasses once determined to be extraordinarily unattractive are now in style. Men wanting to tap into this trend and the girls who like it, will often wear thick glasses as a la Buddy Holly for the sake of landing a hipster girl.

3. Trying to appear sensitive. It is a proven fact that women think men who wear glasses are likely to be more intelligent and more sensitive. While women may not always immediately be drawn to the glasses wearing man on account of his perceived sensitivity, if a woman is looking to settle down she will veer toward the sensitive types who look like they might want a long term partner.

4. Getting a self-conscious girl who wears glasses to dig into that whole sexy librarian thing.  If a guy can help make a girl feel sexy and confident, he’s already half way there… if he gets to enjoy a sexy librarian fantasy at the same time, well good job sir!

5. Using them as a conversation starter. Some men will buy fashionable glasses in the hope of luring girls into conversations about style and fashion accessories. For this to be effective, you’ll need to brush up on your fashion industry insights. This could also go wrong, if you play the fashion lovers card too well you might appear to be too feminine and she might see you more as one of the girls than a potential date.

6. Glasses roulette. Some men will sneakily try to steal a girl’s glasses from her purse, only to return them later in the evening and appear the knight in shining armour. This is a risky move though – if she catches your hand in her purse you could get arrested, slapped or endure some other misfortune (drink in face, etc).

7. Wearing ridiculous or outlandish glasses that make you stand out in the crowd. Also called peacocking, the effectiveness of this technique very much depends on the targeted girl. But most girls like a guy with a good sense of humour so if you do this well, you could be in for a treat.

8. Claiming you are secretly ‘Superman’ and you can’t take off your glasses for fear of revealing your true identity to the world. Warning, this will likely only work on geek girls. The likelihood of success with this technique depends entirely on your targeted girl. If she doesn’t care about Superman or has never read a comic or seen one of the Superman films, don’t bother. If she has? Go for it.

Kimberley Newey is a writer (and a bit of a geek) who wears glasses and likes men in glasses (she is however already taken). If you have 20/20 vision but still want to try out the methods above, you’ll want to get a pair of cheap glasses. Just make sure you pick a pair that suits you or is appropriate to your plans. And…good luck!


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10 thoughts on “Guest Expressed: “8 Ways Men Try Using Glasses to Get Laid”

  1. raeme67 says:

    Another reason could be the guy in question is trying to pass himself  off as Louis Theroux.  It would have a better chance of working if the gal was nearsighted herself .  Though it should be caution this may not work for an American speaking with  a bad English accent, unless the gal is not too bright, but then again if she falls for it in the first place how bright could she be?
    It may not work in America at all if the guy or gal has no idea who I am talking about.


  2. ToscaSac says:

    Ever the odd ball I have 20/20 vision and am not attracted to…glasses…

    My first…high school boyfriend…was a guy in a tech class I was taking who wore contacts…hahahaha


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