This just in…

…our wardrobe, that is!

You may recall my wardrobe woes from an earlier post. It’s a cheerful tale of how instead of getting a smaller wardrobe we ended up destroying our apartment. It’s fun for the whole family.

Well, the past weekend this tragic tale came to an end. And, in true Hollywood fashion, a happy end! My power-tool happy friend came to the rescue yet again and offered his angle-grinding skills. Hours later a few more friends helped with the heavy lifting and final assembly.

Now, after much blood, sweat (my friends’) and tears (mine) the wardrobe is inside the niche and our bedroom is again inhabitable by humans. Here are a few memorable photos from this epic Saturday. Let’s get this party started:

My friend with the angle-grinder, me with a vacuum cleaner. To each his own?

Friend with the power-tool. Me: pretending to be excited about having the apartment destroyed

Inflicting the damage:

This concrete slab’s about to get it!

Destruction in progress…

Yes, he’s actually using my apartment to make fire…

On to the happy ending:

Heavy-lifting crew. Also, the cover for the debut album of our band: “Heavy-lifting crew”

Those of you who’ve read the previous post may remember that for the last two weeks our bedroom looked like this:

Bedroom, storage room…same thing!

And now…I bring you…the AFTER picture. See if you can spot the difference:

Correct – the lamp is in a different place in this one!

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