Guest Expressed: “6 Horror Movies that You’ll Want to Watch Again and Again”

Today Frederic presents us with a few horror movies you may want to watch…for laughs. Enter Frederic:

When it comes to horror movies, many are so poorly made you cringe watching them. That isn’t the case for these hilarious films, that combine aspects of traditional horror movie with ridiculous plots and characters generally found in comedy movies. Watch these movies and you’ll scream with terror one minute, only to crack up laughing the next!

1. Evil Bong

A bunch of college kids move in together and shortly thereafter acquire a bong that is supposedly possessed. After Bachman (Mitch Eakins) takes a few too many hits, he wakes up in a strip club where he meets characters from other horror films. He then is attacked by the bra of one of the strippers, and his roommates discover him dead on their couch the next morning. As the bong begins to exercise its influence over the other members of the house, will anybody be able to escape alive?

2. Zombie Strippers

As the film begins, we are catapulted into a world in which George W. Bush has been elected to a fourth term in office. The country is at war with many different countries, but too few soldiers exist to fight the battles. In order to keep the wars raging, a zombie lab is turning dead Marines into zombie warriors. When the zombies are released into the public accidentally, a nearby strip club is affected by the mutant creatures.

3. Pervert!

After arriving at his father’s ranch, James (Sean Andrews) begins having an affair with his stepmother Cheryl (Mary Carey). Once his father discovers them in the act, he brings home a new woman who ends up dead. Cheryl also dies the same night. Can the family discover who is responsible for the murders?

4. Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!

Once he graduates from college, Herman Schumacher (Patrick Casey) needs to find a new place to live. He secures housing in a home with many vacancies, without releasing that one of his new roommates is a serial killer. A kooky cast of characters keeps the punches rolling in this ridiculous horror movie.

5. Haunted Honeymoon

After Larry Abbot (Gene Wilder) decides to marry Vickie Pearle (Gilda Radner), Larry begins suffering from speech impediments. The couple are stars of the Manhattan Mystery Theater, and thus Larry needs to recover his voice. After undergoing shock therapy, the couple heads upstate to meet his family. While spending time with his eccentric family, the plot of their murder mysteries begins to take place in real life.

6. Woodchipper Massacre

When their father leaves for a business trip, three children are left with their ultra-conservative Aunt Tess (Patricia McBride). After one of the boys receives a hunting knife in the mail, their aunt forbids him from keeping it. An argument ensues, and she is accidentally killed by a fatal stab wound to the stomach.

To keep the body hidden, the kids grind it up in the woodchipper. After Aunt Tess’s son is released from prison, he becomes suspicious and wants to know where his mother is to be found. How will the children take care of the growing problem before their father returns?

Written by Frederic, freelance writer, mac scan specialist and online marketing consultant.

2 thoughts on “Guest Expressed: “6 Horror Movies that You’ll Want to Watch Again and Again”

    • @IndigoSage I haven’t had the chance to see any of the movies myself actually. But I guess that’s one of the reasons I have guests on the blog – to educate both myself and the audience!


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