Guest Expressed: “Movie Mistakes and Broken Logic”

Today we hear a rant about some obvious movie flaws and questions about movies that should’ve been asked. Let’s go:

Before you get your fingers at the ready to send in a bunch of angry emails, I should make one thing clear. I know that movies are a form of art for some, and a bit of fun for others, and that we should not take them too seriously. All I am doing here, is just pointing out a few mistakes and pieces of broken logic. Not as a criticism, but as an observer.

You see what gets me (and a few of the film critics too) is that some things happen in movies, and none of the production staff seem to pick up on it. For example there is an old film 1972, called Night Of The Lepus. Now if you know what Lepus means, then you already know what I am going to say.

It is a horror film, and in the 1970s, if they did not advertise the film’s content, then you did not know what was in it. All the adverts showed for this killer-horror was people running from large eyes in the dark. So imagine sitting down with your partner to watch this blockbuster horror film and watching 20 minutes of a film before finding out what Lepus means:

“Hares and jackrabbits are leporids belonging to the genus Lepus.” (Wikipedia)

That’s right, it is a horror film about giant bunnies.  This was not a joke and had genuine Hollywood actors in it.  What gets to people like me (and film critics) is that somebody wrote it and pitched it, somebody accepted it, somebody green lit it, somebody financed it, somebody hired actors, actors read the scripts and agreed to play in it, somebody produced it and somebody advertised it.

Out of ALL of those people, wasn’t there one person who raised an eyebrow and said, “Fluffy bunnies are not scary”. It doesn’t matter if they are 20 feet tall with blood dripping from their teeth. They are not scary.

So here we go. In Final Destination 1, when Billy Hitchcock (Seann William Scott) has his head cut off by flying shrapnel, why is the main character’s first reaction to launch into an exposition monologue? No reaction to the headless friend, no tears, no scream, no pause for effect – just a launch into an unneeded monologue.

Going to have to quote Family Guy here, but on one episode Chris Griffin (played by Seth Green) says, “Erm, do you know in Lord Of The Rings, when the big eagle comes to rescue Gandalf…how come they do not just fly the eagle to Mordor and drop the ring into the volcano, instead of spending three movies walking there?”

How come in The Dark Knight, when Batman is interrogating the Joker, he hits the Joker (hard) repeatedly in the face and on the table, and yet not only does he not make the Joker bleed or bruise, he also does not smudge his makeup. I mean what does Batman have inside his gloves, sponges? Loved the movie though.

How come in Titanic, Jack (Leo Dicaprio) says he went fishing in Lake Wissota yet that is a man-made lake that wasn’t created until 1918, six years after the Titanic went down? How come Dorothy falls in a pig-pen yet doesn’t have a mark on her dress in The Wizard of Oz?

Why in Knowing, does Caleb (Nicolas Cage) continue writing numbers supposedly predicting future events when the world is ending?

How come in the movie Spiceworld the girls change outfits for every scene, but then when Posh Spice puts on something super hot, she is not on the screen long enough for the 12 year old boys watching? Does that movie know how many 12 year old boys broke the “Pause” button on their VCRs because Posh Spice is in a cat suit for all of 5.7 seconds before the scene changes?

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4 thoughts on “Guest Expressed: “Movie Mistakes and Broken Logic”

  1. raeme67 says:

    The thing about “The Wizard of Oz” for me is: why does Dorthy’s hair keep changing length?  If this was an evil, but not well thought out, spell by the witch, it was not explained as such in the movie. Long then short, long again, short again? What in bloody blue blazes is up with that?


    • Hehehe. I must admit that I haven’t watched the Wizard of Oz myself (I know, it’s shameful…but they didn’t have those capitalist movies back in USSR). But sounds like a pretty odd thing to observe…or maybe even outright creepy


      • raeme67 says:

         @Daniel Nest You do not notice it unless it is pointed out to you and after watching it  for many years, happily oblivious to any supernatural hair changes, some sadistic writer,( can not remember the name), pointed that fact out and of course as a curious 15 year old I latched on to the bait and the next spring,(always was shown in the spring -back in the day), I  watched it carefully  looking for the hair changes and low and behold there they  were.( Yes, I am aware this was a run on sentence, but good rambling always is) I can never look at the movie the same way as in my preteen years.Rat Bastard!


      • Ouch, way to ruin a child’s innocent memory of a movie. But then again, I’ve probably ruined “Sound Of Music” for anyone who’s read its extended recap on this blog, so I’m not the one to talk 😉


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