Directing is hard!

So there’s this place online called GoAnimate. You go there and you animate stuff. No, really.

You pick a few characters, type their dialogue and through the miracle of text-to-speech technology a little cartoon is created. It’s quite neat. Anyone who can type can now create a terrible cartoon nobody wants to watch. Like this exercise in pointlessness I just made:

The above is what happens when you give someone unqualified five minutes of free time and a cartoon-making website.

I’m toying with the idea of making humorous videos using GoAnimate. What’s that you say? Why oh why would I ever do such a thing?! Because the above cartoon is such a runaway success, obviously!

What do you think? Something I should spend my time on? If so, any great ideas for what you’d like to see? Drop me a comment and let me know…

4 thoughts on “Directing is hard!

  1. EllaMedler says:

    Well, at least the characters are wooden enough to be used as stand-ins for some well-known world leaders… All you need then is witty dialogue (which the originals can never provide, btw).


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