Guest Expressed: “Top 5 Female Superheroes Of All Time?”

Today we hear from Nick who discusses a few female superheroes – some “real” and some…out there. Enter Nick:

When you think of superheroes it’s not uncommon for “Batman” or “Superman” to pop into your head. But why is it exactly that the boys get to have all the fun? We all know that the girls are the ones with real talent and let’s not forget LOOKS!

This post is destined to outline the top 5 female superheroes of all time. Some make this list because of their butt-kicking talents, some their looks, while some have the ultimate combination of both!

5. Batgirl

Everyone knows about Batman, but it’s Batgirl who deserves all the credit. Who doesn’t love a woman in tight clothing that can kick some major butt!? As daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon she is the head of library. At night time this bombshell is fighting crime right next to Batman and Robin. Batgirl isn’t the only attractive superhero in the Batman series as she actually co-exists with our number 4 Top female superhero of all time – Cat Woman!

 4. Cat Woman

Continuing with the Batman theme we move on to our number 4 female superhero of all time – Cat Woman. Unlike Batgirl who is the left hand woman to Batman, Cat Woman is as self sufficient as they come. As an adversary to Batman they have a “love-hate” relationship. It’s pretty understandable why someone could “love” the Cat Woman.

Every guy loves a woman with long nails but this is one woman you especially don’t want to piss off. A nice back message could leave you with two inches less skin!

3. “Beer Woman”

The number three spot goes to everybody’s favorite fictitious superhero “Beer Woman”. Simply being able to fly or bend a steel pole is no longer impressive to people. Being able to fly while carrying a six pack of your favorite alcoholic beverage sure is though! Don’t worry if you see Beer Woman flying around without her six pack because she always has back-ups. A beer belt is always available in extreme emergencies when cold beverages are an absolute must!

2. Lara Croft

Lara Croft is definitely not a traditional superhero but it’s only appropriate that she make it towards the top of the top ANYTHING women related posts. The thought of leaving a dark haired beauty that used guns as her primary weapons off the list is a travesty. While the rest of the superhero gals have greats powers and skills you simply can’t mess with a woman who you know is only looking for an excuse to pump a couple rounds into anyone.

1. Wonder Woman

It should be no secret that Wonder Woman makes the top of this list. No other superhero male or female comes close to being as dominant as this woman. Wonder Woman is a descendent of the gods and has all the powers necessary to take out anyone good or evil.

Not only is she one of the most effective superheroes, but Wonder Woman’s Costume has to be one of the most flashy and attractive ones ever! Which “bad guy” even wants to bother when this lady confronts you? This is exactly why Wonder Woman takes the number 1 spot on our list of top 5 female superheroes.

Nick is a writer for where you can find the best superhero costumes for both adults and children.

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