Guest Expressed: “4 Reasons Why Lazy People Are Great People To Know!”

Today Rachael McGimpsey makes a return with another guest post. She’ll make an argument for why we really should give lazy people a break. Enter Rachael:

Today I am once again bothering Mr.Nest with another annoying guest post. I am singing the praise of a little appreciated minority group – lazy people.

4. They are too lazy to judge you

It takes mental power to judge someone. Don’t like someone’s religion, looks, race, or blogger status? You have to pick out a reason and lazy people are…well…lazy. They do not have the gumption to figure out just why they hate your religion, looks, or race, and they are too lazy to check out your blogger status. It is much lazier and easier just to like everybody.

3. They won’t get off their butt to kick yours!

Lazy people are much more comfortable sitting in their La-Z-Boy Recliner watching T.V. than they are about getting up and confronting a bully. They would much rather be a peace maker, than to have to get up from a comfy chair and give your butt the good kicking it deserves.

2. They always let you win the argument.

Think about the last argument you have had? All that finger waving, the fault finding, the blame shifting, and those rapid exchanges of biting insults carefully aimed at devastating your loved one and bringing them to their knees; all that takes a lot of energy and effort.

So, lazy people will end up saying things like “You’re right, I was wrong” or “I won’t do it again” – just so they don’t have to use up any energy fighting. Sort of like a man who has been married 20 or more years.

1. They will never leave you for someone else.

Having an affair takes a whole lot of effort. If you’re married to, living with, or otherwise involved with a lazy partner you can be assured of their loyalty.

They won’t even cross from the living room into the kitchen to make themselves a sandwich let alone cross the street to hook up with some bimbo or brainless jock.

Of course you may end up having the affair, when the partner is always too lazy for…well…you know…

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