Stuff our canteen writes: Chapter Four

Tonight my girlfriend’s family is coming over from Czech Republic to stay with us for a few days. This means our apartment will be filled with laughter, joy and unpredictable shenanigans with embarrassing yet hilarious consequences. Being embarrassing yet hilarious is kind of what I do, even if the “embarrassing” part is the only one I can pull off consistently.

This also means that I probably won’t be around to write up embarrassing yet hilarious posts for you.

Speaking of embarrassing yet hilarious things – today our canteen delivered another one of their famous signs for our enjoyment:

Today’s meal is brought to you by Abbot Suger

Don’t judge! Mustard Tart is apparently a thing that totally exists, so who can blame our canteen for deciding to abbreviate its naming? And then serving plain mustard instead…?

Also, it may appear to the uninitiated that a space is missing after “sauerkraut”. Little did you know, but it’s how Latin speakers used to refer to the dish. A typical lunchtime conversation in ancient Rome went something like:

“Lorem ipsum, I say! How does a bit of sauerkrautsum sound?”

“Delicious! But we must try the mer version. Ceteris paribus, et cetera!”

“Great, how about we stop talking gibberish and go eat then?”

On that confusing note I’d like to bid you all farewell for a few days and wish you an awesome weekend! May it be both hilarious and embarrassing.

11 thoughts on “Stuff our canteen writes: Chapter Four

  1. BakedAlaskaInOr says:

    I’m beginning to like your chef’s little syntactic games. This menu seems to be a puzzle of an entire meal. The main dish is roast pork with sumsauerkraut, ( he’s dyslexic ).  Then there’s a” combined” side dish and dessert of a “mustard tart” with sugar icing. The “mer version” is simply background music. Your chef prefers the orignal French “La Mer” version of that ocean song to the English version, “Beyond the Sea.”  Yeah, I could have it all wrong, but it’s kind of fun.  I really like your Canteen, and your posts about them.:)) 


    •  @BakedAlaskaInOr Hehheheee maybe he’s the culinary Riddler, leaving hidden clues in the names of his dishes, and we’re all just too blind to see? Glad you’re enjoying the posts, I’m sure there will be more canteen goodness to come 😉


      • BakedAlaskaInOr says:

         @Daniel Nest
         Exactly!  I’m thinking your canteen chef is having the last laugh here.  He just might be a creative culinary riddle genius after all. BUT now, we are catching on.  Some cliches are in order:  The cat’s out of the bag; The ball is in his court; Can open, worms everywhere! Let’s hope he doesn’t cook them. :))  NestExpressed 


  2. dianasschwenk says:

    hahaha, spelling doesn’t seem to be a requirement for running a food stand. But hey, maybe it’s a brilliant marketing ploy…think about it…you’re walking by….you read….you say, what the…? All the while you’re standing there scratching your head, when it hits you …. Hey! I’m hungry!


  3. raeme67 says:

    First it you leave to work harder! Now, you’d rather spend time with family , then entertain us!
    What kinda man are you, anyway? 🙂


  4. If I were you, I’d bring a lunch from home. That dish doesn’t sound very appealing. I loved the joke about the Mustard Tart being abbreviated to “Mustart.” 🙂
    As always, great laughs to start my day!


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