Now launching: Humour on demand

Do you know what I hate? I hate when people open their post with a rhetorical question, only to make a self-aware reference to it for the sake of a joke. Those people are the worst.

Hi, I am Daniel. You may remember me from such posts as Living with a Psycho Trilogy and Self-Defence Gadgets (Invented by Lunatics). As you can tell I have a certain fascination with those of us less sanity-endowed. In the relatively short time this blog was up I’ve been making fun of many people, from spammers to eBay sellers,  from commenters to fellow Googlers.

Now I’m looking for some new stuff to ridicule. That’s where I want input from you (or that guy right behind you! Ha, made you look! Classic!)

Have you stumbled upon something weird, outrageous or something that makes you question the general mental health of mankind? If so, I’ll be happy to hear from you in the comments. Send me whatever it is you want mocked and I’ll try to cook up an article doing just that.

If your topic gets picked I’ll give a shout out in the article…or a formal honourable mention, depending on how fancy you like your shout outs. So go ahead – let’s hear it!

19 thoughts on “Now launching: Humour on demand

  1. raeme67 says:

    Warning labels make me question the sanity of Americans,  such as this warning label  stamped on a fast food coffee cup:  “Caution:Coffee is hot”  or   this one found on rat poison: ” Not for human consumption.”  A tag found on a blow dryer:  “Do not use while taking a shower.”  I had a curling iron once with a tag that said, “For external use only” -Don’t want to know…


  2. dianasschwenk says:

    How about comparing the ludicracy of typical first world problems with the more serious third world problems so we can gain some perspective?


  3. I question the mental health of mankind every time I board an airplane–from those that carry on bags bigger than a child to those that bring stinky, smelly sandwiches to nosh on, the smell lingering in the poorly oxygenated air until landing. By all means, have  a go at them.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m going to link to your glass door post this coming Monday, as I’ll be out of town and too darn lazy to post anything original of my own. 🙂


    •  @crubin Oh yeah, plane travel is worth a topic on its own for sure! 😉 Not at all, I appreciate you stopping by regularly as well! Looking forward to getting linked 😉


    • dianasschwenk says:

       Ha! My favourite part is when they take through the what if scenarios and…..when the oxygen masks drop down just breathe normally routine…..yeah, like we’d be breathing normally….


      •  @dianasschwenk
         How true! I think we’d be progressing to panic mode pretty quickly. And let’s hope there really is oxygen coming from those things…


      • Martin_Bannon says:

         @Daniel Nest How about the irrational fear of the letters u, c, and k, which always get replaced by dashes, asterisks, and other miscellany, as though those will obscure the meaning somehow.


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