Voting for the dudes…

Just two days ago I’ve informed you about my participation in the new DudeWrite initiative.

Everybody was rejoiced and the announcement took the world by storm. Literally millions of people flocked to my blog to leave comments, but mysteriously only around five have actually written something. Must be the aggressive spam filter I have installed. Also, I’m lying.

In any case, almost 30 fine gentlemen have submitted their posts to the “starting line-up”. I have read the majority of submissions and can honestly say there are some pretty cool blogger dudes out there.

Not one of the cool ones

Now it’s voting time! Everyone (even you) has up to three votes to cast for any three dudes whose posts they consider to be the best. More accurately, you must cast one vote for me and up to two votes for some other guys. I’m pretty sure it’s in the fine print somewhere on the site.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over, read some cool posts by blogger dudes and cast votes for (me) the guys (me) you liked best (me):

P.S. On an entirely unrelated topic, my post happens to be number 9 in the line up, with a creepy naked doll on the picture. Not that you have to vote for it, but you absolutely must!

7 thoughts on “Voting for the dudes…

  1. raeme67 says:

    I have voted. So, do I know get that blog visit you promised? I am not above using guilt tactics  to get replies. If that fails I’ll have to resort to whining.


  2. Nest Expressed says:

    Of course you’d think so – maniac! But you can’t deny that the actual dolls in the article are hella creepy.


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