Ranking the dudes…

This week’s posts have followed my DudeWrite saga as it unfolded. This is final part of the trilogy.

During this week I’ve begged for both your attention and your votes, proving once and for all that I am extremely versatile when it comes to begging. Some of you took pity on me and chipped in with votes. Some of you didn’t. I know you’re deeply ashamed of yourselves because of it, but I want you to know it’s OK. My grudges are usually fairly short lived and I have so far hacked the emails of only a few of you.

In any case, I can happily announce that I WON…the second prize, but who’s counting? What does that mean? It means that now you can admire the “Platinum Man Card” on my awards page, or right here below:

It’s…it’s just beautiful…I’m tearing up

Many awesome dudes participated and a number of winners have been declared. Here’s the final breakdown:

  • 1st place (Diamond Man Card): The Six Fingered Monkey with an epic tale of his hunt for a new pussy
  • 2nd place (Platinum Man Card): Yours truly with the scientific examination of creepy dolls
  • 3rd place (Gold Man Card): Shared between

A few other guys got picked by the few honourable chairmen of DudeWrite and many other bloggers (even non-dude ones!) got mentions and nods for all sorts of stuff. You should probably check out the original post on DudeWrite.

All in all it’s been fun and I’m sure the DudeWrite initiative is set to grow. I’m already looking forward to the next round. Speaking of which, your suggestions as to which of my recent posts to submit are more than welcome! Any ideas?

17 thoughts on “Ranking the dudes…

  1. Congratulations! A win for you was inevitable, and what a great award to post on your blog. Very manly. Finally. Most blog awards have flowers or unicorns on them. Good of you to raise the testosterone level in the blogosphere…


      •  @Daniel Nest
         Yes, I guess I did dump some estrogen on you. For the award with the image of the tree, I should have sent you my photo of the finger-flipping tree instead. Hmmm, now that’s an idea for a blog award…


  2. Congratulations! So glad this worked out. This is a great thing and you guys should put your head together and make an essay collection!
    Also god I hate dolls. They are creepy as hell!!!!!!!!


    •  @The Six-Fingered Monkey Bribing…eh? A quick Google search tells me that this “bribing” business requires…now I hope I’m spelling it right….”money”? I will surely investigate this in further detail, thanks for the tip! Congrats on the first place man, it’s a great opportunity to network!


  3. I’m happy with the 3rd place slot. The fact the it’s a gold award still makes it feel triumphant!
    I did less begging and a little more threatening! It seemed to work out okay!


    •  @workingdan I think we have by now collectively arrived at the holy trinity of “begging”, “bribing” and “threatening”…should cover all situations I would think! Congrats on the gold man, although I’m still pissed at you for scarring my fragile psyche with your vivid “cartoon”


  4. raeme67 says:

    Never under estimate the power of begging!  If that doesn’t work you could try whining, raging, or guilt inducement.
    I really like your conversation with a scammer post ..so that gets my vote for what it’s worth.


    • Raging, eh? Sounds tempting! Need to re-train the monkeys for maximum anger delivery 😉 Yeah the scammer post seemed to do really well with people, so I’m considering it! Thanks for chipping in!


      • raeme67 says:

         @Daniel Nest The guilt inducement works real well with some.  ; )
        As for the monkeys, try painting their  faces blue and teaching them to fly.  I’d be terrified.


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