Guest Expressed: “Applying Judge Judy-isms to Real Life”

Today we get a visit from Jenny Miller who dissects some of Judge Judy’s catchphrases to see if we can learn a lesson or two from them. Enter Jenny:

Every TV personality has a set of catch phrases he or she pulls from regularly. Some are more extreme with this (like Dr. Phil) and others are more subdued (like Emeril Lagasse). One of my favorite catch phrase champions is Judge Judy, who uses random but applicable statements to make people understand something. I decided to decode some of these infamous “Judge Judy-isms” in the hopes of applying them to real life. Are you ready to have a giggle or two? Let’s see what lessons in life we can learn from Judge Judy…

“Don’t teach a pig to sing. It doesn’t work, and it annoys the pig.”

What Judy’s trying to say here is that there is no sense trying to get someone to change when he or she is set in a certain way. Pigs can’t sing, tractors can’t tap dance, and people can’t change unless they want to. Period.

“You better tell me the truth because I’m much smarter than you are.”

There is always going to be someone out there that can pinpoint your lies and use them against you. You’re not fooling anyone. Rather than sticking to whatever dumb story you may have concocted about a situation, let people know the truth. Then you can be the smart one picking out other people’s lies.

“Are you trying to justify to me that you’re an idiot?”

Sometimes it is better to leave a situation alone than to try to come up with dumb excuses as to why you did something. Attempting to cover the truth just makes you look like an idiot, especially if the lie you’re telling doesn’t make any sense. Long story short – learn to shut your mouth when necessary.

“Dumb ideas come from people who have dumb brains.”

If you know something is stupid ahead of time, don’t do it. If you don’t know that something is stupid ahead of time, you really need to be more aware of your life. The fact of the matter is that you can prevent yourself from acting foolishly if you just pay attention. Otherwise, you might end up on the bad side of the Judge Judy slap stick.

“How do you know when a teenager is lying? When their lips are moving!”

Young people lie all the time, and they don’t always lose that in adulthood. If you are debating whether or not to trust your child or teenage best friend, don’t. You can love them all you want, but you shouldn’t put faith in their ability to tell the truth. It’s just not going to happen.

“You need to put on your listening ears.”

Before you jump to conclusions in life, pay attention to what is really going on around you. Listen to the people that you love, and be aware of your surroundings. So many people go through life trying to predict what’s to come, rather than accommodating for it as it happens. You need to do a little bit of both to stay on the right track.

Watch the show to learn more Judge Judy-isms, and you’ll be laughing your pants wet in no time.

About the Author: Jenny Miller is a college student, mother, and huge fan of Judge Judy. She is attending school on a scholarship for women, and she hopes to graduate with a bachelor’s in the next two years.

7 thoughts on “Guest Expressed: “Applying Judge Judy-isms to Real Life”

  1. Don’t you sometimes wish we could spout out things like this to deserving people? But although it’s funny to see someone on TV do it, society seems to frown upon it in real life. Too bad, I suppose. Then again, it’s probably just as well. Otherwise I’d probably be on the receiving end of some of these lines…


    •  @crubin Hehehee I actually quite enjoy bantering with people also in real life, but maybe not cutting them down THIS much…I should give this Judge Judy show a watch, maybe I’ll get inspired!


      •  @Daniel Nest
         Well, I don’t know about inspiration, but the show will no doubt provide useful blog fodder. It will also leave you feeling superior as a human being. Although to be fair, I should admit I’ve only seen the show once. But I believe one view was enough to make this claiim.


  2. This was cute. I LOVE Judge Judy. I have to add my favorite here…
    I love it when she tells people, “This is MY playpen!” — Seriously? You’re gonna go into a courtroom and talk over the judge? LOL
    I love Judge Judy. I often fantasize about bringing people I hate onto Judge Judy because I KNOW she would agree that they are idiots and set them straight.


    •  @The Six-Fingered Monkey Can’t say I know much about Judge Judy myself but having read some of these catch-phrases she definitely sounds like my kind of judge! Thanks for dropping by man!


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