Guest Expressed: “5 Worst Ever Competition Prizes”

Today’s guest post is from Ian who discusses some pretty bizarre competition prizes. Enter Ian:

Generally, people enter competitions in the hope of winning some stunning prizes which they would otherwise not have the financial means of obtaining. From luxury world cruises to sports cars and just about every other amazing prize you can think of, there has no doubt been a competition for it at some point. However, today we are going to be looking at the other end of the spectrum and observing a range of the worst competition prizes which have ever graced the world of prizes.

1. The Ped Egg Foot Grinder

In 2011 a blogger from decided to run a competition in which a foot grater was the “sole” prize. Designed to remove even the toughest of foot skin and with a special collection container for dead skin cells you knew you would be in for a treat if you were selected as the lucky winner. Drawing quite a response and with a high number of entries, the competition proved something of a hit, being marked with the magic cult status label, we can hardly think of a “greater” prize!

2.Bullseye Speed Boats

Bullseye was notorious for its questionable prizes which in today’s era of million pound prize giveaways seem nothing less than atrocious. One which stays firmly lodged in the minds of all regular viewers is the speed boat. With a game show contestant clientele that catered almost exclusively to hard drinking council estate inhabitants there has never been such a worthless giveaway. The look of bewilderment as the star prize was revealed was always something to behold. Whether any of them ever got used before being swiftly put up for sale is highly doubtful.

3. Win a Jacuzzi

All too often we see this prize cropping up. In reality though, who actually has the space for a jacuzzi – not too many of us that’s for sure. Generally rendered useless for the majority of people it’s always fun to watch the excitement drain from a game show participants face when the uselessness of the prize dawns on them.

4. $10,000 Fish Bowl

Throughout the 70’s the game show “High Rollers” offered some really quite unusual prizes, the best example of which would be the $10,000 fish bowl. Now, it’s not a bad prize considering the cash value of the thing, however, where they came up with the idea only the producers of the show can know.

5. Telly Addicts and Instant Food

While promoting themselves through Twitter an Orkney library decided to run a competition to place their prize up there with the worst ever. The offer of a “fabulous prize” drew in a considerable amount of attention, eventually to be revealed as a pack of instant food and the book “Ten years of Telly Addicts” which nobody had borrowed from the library for some years. The story quickly went viral and resulted in a massive amount of exposure, just going to show that the blandest prizes are sometimes the biggest winners!

If you’re looking for some more quality prizes then you can find them in the range of competitions featured on the author of this article’s website here. With prize draws from just about every area imaginable you can be sure to find something to suit every individual specific tastes.

2 thoughts on “Guest Expressed: “5 Worst Ever Competition Prizes”

  1. A foot grinder, huh? Well, at least I wouldn’t have to pay much for taxes on that prize, unlike a jacuzzi or fancy fish bowl. And I could shred cheese with it when I finished on my feet. A win win, I’d say.


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