Me has Kindle now!

I mentioned earlier the reasons I was getting a new laptop.

It has arrived, by the way, and I’m really happy with it. Thanks for asking! No, I’m not being passive aggressive…maybe you are just being too sensitive. I’m fine, really. Nothing is wrong. Just, let it go, OK?!

Another addition to my collection of toys that have screens and buttons is a brand new Kindle. My girlfriend gave it to me for our 2 year anniversary. She’s really great at knowing what I want and interpreting my subtle hints in the form of “a Kindle would be great for reading!” and “I think I should get a Kindle soon”.

I won’t bore you by telling you all the reasons I’m happy with my new Kindle. You probably know all there’s to know about this nifty gadget. Did you know it has over a month of battery time?! And that it has an inbuilt dictionary for those recondite locutions you may come across? It’s super light and compact, so you can bring it along anywhere you want. Also, you can even read books on it!

OK, so I lied about not boring you…

Anywayzings (which is a word that nobody has used before and under no circumstances should ever use again), I am now busy converting all my PDFs to Kindle format and finally reading them. I am almost done with Ella Medler’s Martin Little: Resurrected – a quirky and thoroughly enjoyable tale with an alternative take on Heaven and Hell.

Today one of my favourite fellow bloggers, Carrie Rubin, released her first ever book – The Seneca ScourgeI will let Carrie tell you about the book in that post I’ve linked to, but knowing Carrie I have high hopes for it! Which is why it’s already on my Kindle, awaiting its turn to be read. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you could totally have a book on your Kindle within seconds. Neat, huh?!

Before Carrie’s book on my list is the paperback version of Senseless Confidential from Martin Bannon. I’m really looking forward to it as well. Any book that contains the word “fuckhead” in the opening sentence gets my vote!

All I wanted to say is that I’m now finally equipped for the digital age and am looking forward to filling my Kindle with all sorts of reading material. Any recommendations?

Are you a Kindle person or a “books are best read on paper” person? Does Kindle kindle a flame in your heart? Does it make you happier than a kindle of kittens? Do you hate puns as much as I do?

19 thoughts on “Me has Kindle now!

  1. I’ve yet to succumb to a kindle, but it’s probably only a matter of time. And I’m relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who drops (less than) subtle hints about the presents I’m seeking.


  2. I’m a Kindle guy, it’s just way more convenient, books are cheaper and I’m all about instant gratification. I can buy a book and start it within minutes of purchasing it. Which comes in handy when I’m at work and finish one, just download another.


  3. I am, at this very moment, waiting for my new Kindle to arrive. On the tracking it says “delivered” but it isn’t here! I a pretty upset by this but hoping for the best. Mine is a replacement since Herr Schneider left my original Kindle on the plane to London, where we just spent some time. I have also downloaded Ms Rubin’s new book and am reading it on my (also new) PC, a Samsung Series 7 which totally rocks and is so wonderful compared to the Piece of Shit I have been using. Well, not really a POS but a frustrating experience. If you are dying for something to read, I can make a suggestion. (My latest novel Perigee Moon, perhaps?)


    • Never heard of the “Piece of Shit” brand, but you’d think that the name would be a pretty big giveaway, no? 😉

      Ouch, sorry for your first Kindle, let’s hope the new one will fill the inevitable void left by it!

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll check out your novel, looks like it’s been getting some good reviews so far 🙂


    • Hey fuckhead! Thanks – that’s an awesome resource for sure, will pick out some goodies from there…will also stop saying stuff like “goodies”, but that’s a future project.


  4. raeme67 says:

    I thought I was your favorite blogger! Go figure! 😉 Hope you enjoy your kindle and Carrie’s book! Plan on downloading her book soon myself. I think it will sell a million, but she says I am delusional. Can’t argue with the last part! Anyway, Happy reading!


  5. Huh! Big deal! I’ve had my kindle for a whole… five days now 😛
    Nice to see you’ve finally joined the ranks of us, people who are happy to go back in time (hang on, is that the definition of retarded?). I mean, it’s not that long ago we were happily using tablets, right? Right alongside papyrus.
    Anywayzings (sorry about copyright issues unearthed here), I’m happy for you. Tell me, I have this weird protective instinct towards my kindle – almost like I’m afraid to put too many books on it, I need to easy it gently into my world, the poor plastic thing. Do you feel that, too, or is it just my personal insane psychosis at work here?


    • Whoa, interesting timing. What I didn’t tell you is that I’ve had Kindle since late August, but only wrote about it now. So HA! Who is laughing now?! I’m LAUGHING NOW! Yeah, it’s a pretty serious condition, actually…should probably see a professional about that.

      Congrats on your Kindle too! I don’t have any hang ups about putting any and all books on it, as long as I organize these by “Collections” – then my OCD can cope with it! We all have our quirks, but we deal with them…don’t we? 😉


  6. First of all, thanks so much for the mention (both here and on Twitter)! It’s really appreciated. And you didn’t even poke fun of me. You really are a softie inside, aren’t you?

    Second of all, thank you for making me laugh out loud. Again.

    Thirdly, you will love your Kindle. Yes, I still love reading paper books, but the Kindle is so convenient, especially on vacation. And the fact that you know how to convert the PDF books to Kindle? Wow, I’m impressed.


    • No problem at all, releasing a book is a great achievement and until I have done it myself I won’t be making fun of others for doing it. Well, unless it’s funny to do so 😉

      I have no doubt that Kindle and I will set out on a wondrous journey together. I’m really a gadget freak and reading is also a thing I do, so it’s a good match.

      And yeah, I’ve got skills. You’d think that sending an email to with “Convert” in the subject line would be easy, but do you know how easy it is to misspell “convert”?!

      You’re welcome for the laughs. Again. 🙂


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