Sunny Flowers and I

This post serves three purposes.

One: to let you all know how awesome I am.

Two: to give a proper thanks to those bloggers who awarded me.

Three: to let you all know how awesome I am, in case you missed it the first time.

For a while now I’ve been meaning to thank two fellow bloggers for passing on awards to me. And now I am finally doing it! See how that works?

  • Scott Jung, co-founder and editor at DudeWrite passed on a very manly “Sunshine Blogger Award” to me. This is not to be confused with the “Sunshine Award” I got earlier. Tsk, pay attention! Anyways, thank you Scott! For the award and for the excellent DudeWrite project that brings all the male dudely guys together every week to exchange war stories.
  • Guilie Castillo-Oriard, the woman behind the “Quiet Laughter” blog and an active fiction writer, bestowed another flowery award on me – “Kreativ Blogger Award“. What? That doesn’t sound too flowery? Ah, but have you looked at the badge?

Now you have!

Thanks Guilie for this nice addition to my ever-expanding botanical garden of awards. I’m always happy to receive these, regardless of their level of floweriness!

The two awards have now been proudly added to my Awards page. Yes, I have an “awards” page, because vanity is the shortcut to awesomeness, as someone once said (me, right now, for example). Thanks to the DudeWrite project (see above…no, a bit higher…yup, there!) I’ve also been expanding this award list with new Man Cards to balance out the countless flowers. I’m happy to have received a bunch of those over the last few months. DudeWrite helped me realise that I can do more than just make fun of stupid things. Sometimes I can even do fiction and other word combinations!

As you know, I’m notoriously bad at finding a huge number of bloggers to pass these awards to, which would be required if I were to follow the award rules to the letter (the letter is “J”, if you were wondering). Instead, I hereby want to pass on the flowery love to the whole DudeWrite crew. I know it’s a lazy and cheap way out, but at least it’s two things at once!

Seriously, if you just follow the link to DudeWrite and look at any starting line up, I guarantee you’ll find at least one new awesome dude blogger to follow. He may even follow you back, at which point I’d strongly suggest getting a restraining order!

Finally, I’ll be bending another award rule, as I tend to. Because I’m a rebel without a cause. I live on the edge. I don’t play by the rule book. I make my own rules. I. Am. The Dark Knight. I get carried away sometimes too.

Both awards require me to answer 10 questions/provide 10 random facts about myself. If my math is correct that’s at least 17 things to share, but no more than 73.

What I’ll do instead is make you a promise. I will do my best to honestly answer any question left in the comments. There’s one rule – only one question per person! And no, you can’t take inspiration from me and bend this rule. Because…that’s rule number two.

16 thoughts on “Sunny Flowers and I

  1. Since you very sweetly played along with my sand request, I will play along with your questions request.

    There is an earth ending asteroid hurtling towards earth, you have 14 days to live. What do you do?


    • Call up Bruce Willis and get him to assemble a team of deep sea drillers to fly up to the asteroid and detonate a nuke, saving mankind. I’ve seen a documentary once and it totally worked!


      • Me?! No no…Bruce Willis dies at the end. There’s no way in hell I’m going there – but it’s nice of you to think I’m that altruistic. Also, it was Ben Affleck he saves…not that it makes things much better!


  2. When it comes to blogger awards, taking the “lazy and cheap way out” is the only way to go.

    My question for you: You can only eat one food for the rest of your life. What is it? (Pretend it will give you all the nutrients you need, so we don’t have to worry about health issues here. This is neither the time nor place for that…)


    • Well, I’d have to say “salad”…if I were lying, that is.

      The true answer will probably have to be ice cream, especially if I can pick a different flavour daily. Otherwise – mint chocolate chip ice cream. Have a crazy sweet tooth and ice cream is something I can eat a LOT of if I don’t control it. And in the magic world of your question – I don’t have to.


      • Excellent choice. I’m a fan of ice cream myself. In fact, a hot fudge brownie sundae might be my pick, but I think I’d go with plain old chocolate (not ice cream but actual chocolate) instead. But what about pizza? Oh, and popcorn. Hmmm…

        Oh, sorry. You didn’t ask me…


      • Hehheee well, sounds like you’re having trouble picking one of the awesome foods there. Popcorn and pizza are great too. And bacon… and hot wings… and spicy food. But, if we stick to the “pick only one” scenario – what’s yours?


  3. raeme67 says:

    Let’s see if this time the comment shows up.
    Congratulations on your flowers and your man cards!
    The masculine and the feminine in perfect balance!
    I cannot think of anything clever to ask you. But will that stop me?
    Oh, hell I just blew it!


    • Not at all, thanks for the award, sir!

      Come on, that was a trick question! Black holes, Darth Vader, Eye of Sauron?! We all know that two of those don’t actually exist…but the Eye of Sauron sees all!


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