Guest Expressed: “7 James Bond Gadgets We Wish Were Real”

Everyone loves James Bond. Or, at least, all the “Bond girls” sure do. Guys are sure to love his gadgets. In today’s guest post Hannah talks about how wonderful it would be to own some of those gadgets in real life. Enter Hannah:

A lot of people are self-confessed fans of the James Bond movie.

Throughout the years, the story has evolved and more and more people have also fallen in love with it. If you are a true fan of the film or at least saw it, then you would have probably noticed some of the gadgets featured in each film. Here’s a seven of the gadgets from James Bond we wish were for real.

1. Electronic Lock Pick

In one of James Bond’s movies, a simple credit card was featured in a scene where the hotel door is being opened. Later on we found out that it’s no ordinary credit card. Rather, it’s an electronic lock pick we wish were real because it might be good to sometimes snoop into other people’s rooms for fun. Remember that time when you were locked out of the house? Well instead of blowing $150 on a silly locksmith, this gadget sure would have came in handy, right?

2. Revolving Sofa

Another great Bond gadget is none other than the revolving sofa that swallows whoever is sitting (or lying) on it while it is turned. A button is pushed and this automatically happens – something you want to do if you want to just ignore the person you’re talking to. Just think about that next holiday gathering when your snoring Grandpa or Grandma doesn’t shut up.

3. Electro Magnetic Controller Ring

This special ring is designed to control and ensure a jackpot on the slot machine at all times. If only this were real, everyone will be very rich by now! I mean, if you bought this gadget for $50, think of the return on your money!

4. Underwater Jetpack

This amazing underwater jetpack is fully equipped with the fastest speed you can ever have underwater. It also comes with a full-capacity headline making it very easy to see through underneath. If only this were true, swimmers and divers will have an amazing time for sure. So the next time you think about traveling from New York to Europe, you will have something to get you there fast.

5. Ultra-High-Frequency-Single-Digit-Sonic-Agitator Unit

This unique ring also needs a single twist to function. It is supposed to be held against unbreakable glass and used if you wish to escape from a room with a glass door. If only this were true, people will really take advantage of escaping everywhere they might be. So again, if you’re trapped in a glass jail cell by chance for a drunken bender, it’s your time to escape (illegally).

6. Sony Ericsson C902

Throughout the years, Bond movies also adapted to more realistic technologies. Also because of the movie, Sony Ericsson’s C902 cell phone unit gained popularity. But of course in the film, special and less realistic features were used. Looking back, this gadget almost looks like a dinosaur since today’s phones such as the Android and iPhone put it to shame.

7. Walther PPK with Palm Reader

This special James Bond gun is really neat. It is fully equipped with a palm reader coded specifically to the owner making sure that he’s the only one who will be able to make good use of it. Also, the gun is pretty safe to use and only functions when held by an official. If only this were true, there will probably be fewer crimes in the world. If only this was for the gun I have in my home! I wouldn’t have to worry about my child getting a hold and having some deadly fun.

There are many other James Bond gadgets to love throughout the years but these are the ones that are not only interesting but may also be useful in the real world. So only if these gadgets were made for real, you can just imagine how convenient life will truly be. Also, it would feel as if everyone is living a superstar’s life for sure.

Hannah works for – – a website that helps you find out what the prices are for things in life.

3 thoughts on “Guest Expressed: “7 James Bond Gadgets We Wish Were Real”

  1. Yes, wouldn’t some of these gadgets come in handy? I just saw the new Bond film. Loved it! And I’m so happy to see the women’s roles have advanced from the ridiculous role of Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist. Yeah, THAT was believable…


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