Racist Food

These are tough economic times. Many are struggling to make ends meet. Some are struggling to make meets end, because some are dyslexic.

People take on jobs they otherwise would never dream of. Jobs they take no pleasure in doing.

White supremacists are no exception. Well, in this context they aren’t. They have to strike a balance between maintaining their proud racist ideology and catering to an increasingly multicultural society. That’s the best explanation I can find for this food stand:

KKKentucky Fried Lamb?

11 thoughts on “Racist Food

  1. Oh wow… Sometimes I wonder if people just don’t think. Or maybe this guy didn’t realize it until the signs were already made.. “Well… I guess we’ll just have to go forth with confidence and if anyone says anything, act like you have no idea what they’re talking about. Oh, and make sure you’re all super friendly to black people – we don’t need to give them any more reason to get the wrong idea!”


  2. They probably don’t have a clue. When it comes to the particularly racist hate group you are referring to, though, unfortunately they are still alive and well. Where I live, there are many areas nearby where they had a stronghold for a while and were quite active. Scary!


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