The Fall

I know. Cats again. I’ve been a bit lazyish with the blog lately, so I’m using the kittens as post fodder. Bad Daniel. This must stop. It will stop. Soon.

…until it does – did you know that cats communicate through a series of eerie noises? People on Youtube insist on calling these scary sounds “chirping”, but don’t let that fool you – this is how cats keep their worldwide spy communications encrypted.

It’s not long before they rise up and take what’s rightfully theirs, enslaving humans and making us all prance around like horses for their enjoyment. Oh wait, some of us already do that.

But for now we can still make fun of their chirping sounds. Watch this video of Django and Pebbles hunting flies and tell me they don’t sound like aliens from Mars Attacks!

Are any of you wondering why this post was called “The Fall”? Did you somehow miss Django’s epic fail in the above video? Allow me to help:

I’ll be back shortly with some cat-free posts.

15 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. flyingplatypi says:

    OMG!! Don’t stop with the cat posts! You’re so close to becoming the crazy cat lady. ;0)

    It’s ok, man. I once owned 5 dogs at a time. I was 1 knitted puppy sweater away from being on an episode of animal hoarders. I feel your pain man.

    Especially because they’re SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!




    • That’s right, I’m a cat craziness powerhouse!

      5 dogs? Pretty hardcore! Tell me you weren’t living in a one-bedroom apartment at the time.

      And yeah, them kittens sure are cute.


  2. raeme67 says:

    You are now officially a proud cat parent, with these many posts about cats, there can be no other explanation, soon you will be circulating “cat” pics at parties and ambushing unsuspecting strangers to look at your darlings.

    Prancing like a pony is indeed a hobby of mine and I am sure in the ensuing decades it will catch on as a competitive sport.


    • Prancercise will take the world by storm, no doubt!

      And yes, I already have cat pictures pre-installed on all of my digital devices in case I can get even a remote chance to show them off. Everyone at work is avoiding me for some strange reason.


  3. Kianwi says:

    I love it when my cats do that chirping thing. My dog immediately comes running from wherever he is, because he knows they are hunting something fun šŸ™‚

    The funniest thing about Django’s fall is that he acted all nonchalant about it and just kept looking out the window. He is one, cool kitty šŸ™‚


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