A word a day makes life a soiree

Learning new words is good. It’s, you know, not bad. It’s gooder (?) than not learning words.

They have some places online that let you learn a word a day. That’s at least 14 new words per year, by my latest count. I decided to start using these services to expand my vocabulary and to increase the likelihood of getting beaten up by people who will rightfully accuse me of being a pompous smart-ass.

Learning new words has its advantages.

For example, had I read the title of this post yesterday I’d be all “a word a day makes life a soy ree? What the fuck is a ‘soy ree’? That doesn’t even rhyme. This title is stupid, Daniel. Stop referring to yourself in third person, Daniel.”

Now I know that “soiree” means a fancy evening party and is pronounced “swoa-ray” (because of course it is), so I can chuckle appreciatively at the rhyming and the infinite cleverness of the title while biting ever so carefully into a croissant made of unicorn dust and holding onto my monocle with one hand.

Yellow Croissant

I love croys-saints, they’re the best!

However, learning new words takes time and effort. I can’t be expected to learn a word a day and maintain a sporadically updated blog. I’m not a machine, people!

That’s why I decided to combine the two.

Every new post from now on will feature a new word that I’ve not known previously and that was randomly picked by wordsmith.org‘s “a word a day” tool.

That’s not to say that all of my posts will revolve around new words I’ve learned.

I don’t hate you all that much.

I’ll write the stuff I’d otherwise be writing, but there’ll be a single new word worked into the post somewhere. The word will be inserted into the text subtly and unobtrusively, like a hippo having an epileptic seizure on top of an ant hill.

Those who spot every single new word I use in every new post will be crowned the “Extreme Champion of OCD” and win a trip to a shrink of their choosing at own expense.

You’re welcome.


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17 thoughts on “A word a day makes life a soiree

  1. So funny! I’ll be looking for the hippo.
    I did the wordsmith emails for a year but so many of the words were so out of my league, my self esteem dropped. When I saw my IQ drop a few points, I unsubscribed. It was devastating. Or really bad. Or something.
    Croy saints are great!!!


    • Really? Damn, here I was hoping I had something to look forward to. Instead I can look forward to getting depressed and destroying my IQ. Ah well, they say you have to try everything once!

      Croy saints are delicious indeed!

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by as always.


  2. Kianwi says:

    I have no more room in my brain for new words. Couldn’t you just recycle old words? But maybe put them in a different order or something?


  3. raeme67 says:

    Increasing your vocab. is a waste of time. You can just make up your own words and pass them off as ligament. Words like …. ah, well… l ah,like..well….”superinertiadeism”…..okay, your plan is better…


  4. As I sit here on my laptop, gazing through the window at the frondescence taking place in my garden, I’m thinking that your posts are a great way to expand my word-power.


  5. Like you, I also have been reading a Word of the Day. Though, while yours increases your vocabulary, I’m almost certain the one I read decreases mine.

    Today’s Urban Dictionary Word of the Day is FOOD HERP: The spreading of a craving/desire for a specific food or restaurant from person to person. Usually spread almost instantaneously after leaving someone’s mouth.

    See, it’s like herpes. But for food.


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