What’s that on my finger?

Hint: it’s not a Triceratops.

First, Triceratops are way too large to fit on a finger. Second, they’ve been extinct for at least a couple of years or so. Know your history, reader!

Did you guess it yet?

Correct: it’s a ring. One ring to rule them all.

Or, in this case, one ring to rule one man, am I right? Marriage humour. Ha-ha. Good times.

As you have gathered from that long-winded and entirely unnecessary intro, I am now officially married.

Correction: I have actually been legally married for over one-and-a-half months now, since June 29th. Due to a set of circumstances that I will not bore you with, we have found it necessary to get married in Denmark, in the Copenhagen Town Hall.

We’ve kept it secret until the big day on August 10th, so as to keep the ceremony special. So, yes, we lied to our friends, family and, most importantly, we lied to you, dear reader. There is nothing I can do to make it up to you, which is convenient, because “nothing” is exactly what I feel like doing about it.

We had a fantastic wedding. The weather was perfect, the people were amazing, there was a surprisingly low number of mutated aliens trying to chase down and chew our guests. Everything went exactly as planned, which is 95% due to the awesome planning by my girlfriend-wife-fiancΓ©e. The day wouldn’t have been the same without her, which is a statement that falls solidly into the “duh” category.

Enough talk, let’s see some pictures. Here we are:

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Wedding

Image Source

OK, I confess. I tricked you. That’s not us in the picture. That’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They’re supposedly some sort of celebrities in the US. Have you heard of them?

We have a ton of pictures to sort through, including some upcoming incredible ones from the professional photographer. I may share those at a later stage. Edit 16-08-2013: here are the ones from the photographer.

For now, here’s a collage made by a friend (if you’re on Instagram you can follow her, right here)

Wedding Collage

Check out that cake, yo! That’s a typewriter on it. Edible typewriter. It has all the proper keys with letters and everything. Katka’s father and stepmom made it as a tribute to my writing passion. There’s also a nest with birds in it, because Nest. Holy shit, how simultaneously insane and great is that? Very. The answer is “very”.

After the main wedding shenanigans were over a handful of the most committed guests went to our newlyweds suite. If you want to form an entirely incorrect impression of us as a well-adjusted and calm group of people, here’s a perfectly misleading picture:

Afterparty Crew

To retain that impression, stop reading right now.

You’re still reading, aren’t you? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here’s a video made by my best man, the same guy who made that perfectly innocent picture above and the guy behind my kidnapping. I share it with you because Harlem Shake is still so relevant and topical, and because I never tire of traumatising my readers:

Your life was so much better one minute ago. You only have yourself to blame.

Oh, and within 5 minutes of our coming back Django gave us a welcome gift in the form of peeing on my wedding suit. You gotta love cats.

On that cheerful note I leave you to go wash your eyes with soap and search for a good hypnotist that is capable of erasing memories.

I’ll be back with the regularly scheduled Nest Expressed program soonish.

47 thoughts on “What’s that on my finger?

  1. kalieta says:

    Awwww you guys are so cute! And I really loved the Harlem Shake video! πŸ˜€ Daniel you are ridiculously funny, I really can’t stop laughing every time i read you. Which reminds me that I should probably come back more often so as to not miss any major events like this in the future πŸ˜‰
    Wishing you and your wife all the best wishes πŸ˜€


  2. Kianwi says:

    Oh man, I’m so glad I scrolled down on your blog and didn’t miss this post! I went an looked at your wedding pictures, as I LOVE wedding pictures and am very nosy. Your wife is so pretty! I loved all the flowers in her hair and adored her dress. She looked so romantic. And you were a handsome stud, of course πŸ™‚

    And then I read your paragraph about the cake and got sniffly. That is just the most thoughtful and welcoming thing your in-laws could have done. Well done in-laws, well done!!

    Congrats and best wishes!


    • Thanks so much for all the kind words! It’s been almost a month and we’re still going strong. Crazy, eh?

      And yeah that cake was nothing less than epic. I think there are still a few keys from it around somewhere in some fridge.


  3. Congratumalations! You’re not the first person I’ve heard of getting ‘officially’ married before their wedding… actually my wedding was quite small, less than 50 people, and to appease the relatives we had a large reception a week later. Apparently lots of people didn’t read the invitation properly and were very confused that we were already married. Anyways, happy wedding!


  4. Ahhh, so much goodness here. The cake is phenomenal, the pictures are beautiful, you are radiant, the lead in to the post was brilliant, & your friends are obviously hysterical in the best of ways. And your wife is gorgeous, what a stunning smile! Congratulations!


  5. zoe says:

    omg congratulations…wonderful pictures ….fun video! although my eyes ARE bleeding but as you said I have no one to blame but myself….Thanks for sharing that! FUN!


    • You may be in luck. There is still some cake left. It’s in Prague, in my wife’s sister’s fridge. All you need is a ticket to Czech Republic, which is marginally easier to obtain than a time-machine these days.

      And thank you!


  6. Daniel- What a beautiful, lovely post! Wow you guys!
    Your wife is beautiful and lovely as well and it’s so obvious how in love you two are. I loved the photos and the video. It’s how every wedding ceremony should be.
    I love that cake too! What a perfect tribute to you and this passion you share with all of us.

    Lastly, the two of you are a far more striking couple than Brad and Angelina.
    Thank you for sharing your special day.


    • Thanks for the touching words. We are very much in love and intend on staying that way, at least according to the 55-page life-plan I have recently developed and printed.

      The cake was amazing, no doubt about it! Now I need to keep metaphorically using the inner typewriter to write more blog posts. That sentence made no sense, but what am I gonna do – go back and edit it? Bah!


  7. Congrats Daniel and Katka! LOVE the ring analogies and the typewriter cake, reminds me of my first and only typewriter given to me on my 17th birthday. He had the chic name of Travis. Sounds like it was a fabulous day and good on you for not telling everyone the knot had been tied officially. It made your celebration perfectly special. x


    • Thanks a lot!

      The typewriter really was kick-ass, as was the rest of the day. Just perfect.

      We did have an awesome day and hopefully it’s just the first of many more to come!


  8. I knew it! I just knew it! That holiday was such a typical wedding opportunity! Well, it was well planned, and now that Django made it clear who’s the real boss in your house, all I can say is CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Have a happy life, full of… well, I’d stick with cats for now, and maybe cash, too. Raising a glass to you both! πŸ˜€


    • Now I’m a bit confused. Are you talking about our “legal” wedding? That was no holiday, that was here in Denmark, where we both reside with Django and Pebbles and cash!

      But in any case, thanks a lot, cash won’t hurt and all that other good stuff will be good too!


    • For sure, it could’ve been a lot worse! That’s what we get for naming him Django in the first place!

      Thanks a lot, it was a memorable day and we’re both very happy!


  9. Oh, my, I’ve seen a whole new side to Daniel Nest now. And if that was you with the unbuttoned shirt, than I’ve also seen MORE of Daniel Nest now.

    Big congratulations! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. And how much your new in-laws must love you to make that special cake! What a lovely gesture.

    Terrific wedding-update post. I loved it!


    • That’s right, there’s plenty of Nest for everyone…may God have mercy on you all!

      And yup, that’s me being half-naked. Enjoy the nightmares!

      Thanks a lot, it was a beautiful day and a fantastic memory for all of us!


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