WTF Report: “Peter Pan”

Three things, everyone.

One, forgot to mention that my wife and I are in Yalta this week, visiting my sister and my recently born niece number two. Hence the blog silence.

When we arrived to Simferopol our plane landed literally 20 metres away from the terminal building. At least that was our first thought. Then we found a bus waiting for us and figured we were wrong and we’d be driven somewhere else.

We even made jokes a la “wouldn’t it be funny if he just turned around and ‘drove’ us 20 metres to the building”. And then he did exactly that. And we laughed and laughed. It’s one of those “you had to be there”  things. Shut up.

Two, Lyuba totally wrote again! Twice! She didn’t leave me! In fact, she’s getting ready to visit me in “my country” and wants my phone number. She also started calling me “kitten”, so you know we’re making good progress.

Stay tuned.

Three, this:

There are many things I could say, but none of them would ever compare to the sheer visual of a grown dude with cookware on his dick.

Maybe I should’ve given you a warning. Consider this a retroactive one.

13 thoughts on “WTF Report: “Peter Pan”

  1. Once again, I can’t un-see this. I agree with the others. Send this to Lyuba.
    Also, I thought the bus ride to the terminal story was funny. I can just imagine not being able to stop laughing, too. I hope your whole trip was filled with laughter.


  2. Hi Kitten. Peter Pan might have had a bit too much to drink. Yuk yuk.

    Congratulations on your latest family addition!
    The bus story is funny, you know in a ‘you had to be there kind of way’. But I got it, really I did.

    Have fun with your visit! See you on the flip side.


    • Maybe he actually had too little to drink that day. As they say: “yuk yuk a day keeps that pan away”.

      Thanks, the new niece is awesome!

      We’re back this coming weekend so countdown has begun already.


  3. Um, yeah, a little warning next time, please. And I’m guessing that photo was from the 70s given the hair and clothing in the background. Maybe the 80s. Just what exactly are you trying to do to us? Maybe you should send that photo to Lyuba…


    • That. Would. Be. Awesome! I should send her this photo and tell her this is me wearing the traditional tribal outfit of “my country”. If it wasn’t a real person in that photo whom I’d potentially be hurting (although I’m not sure I can hurt him any more at this stage), I’d do it.

      Also, you have spent way more time analysing that photo than any person should. I am getting worried!


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