WTF Report: “Jumping Jokes”

I’m nursing a cold and a headache (although I really should get someone else to do it, I’m not qualified to nurse anyone).

That’s why today I’m taking the easy way out and just throwing a bunch of outdated, yet funny videos at your eyeballs. With minimal commentary. They all involve jumping fails, mostly well deserved and karmic.


You “fuck ze fucking world”, the world fucks you back, guy!

Well played, chair, well played.

I am in too much pain-by-proxy to make fun of this.


Bonus video, because everything is better with cats:

Side note: Django did exactly the same thing as cat number four. We have a three-step staircase just like that.

15 thoughts on “WTF Report: “Jumping Jokes”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon!
    The pool fails are just painful to watch.
    The kitty one is adorable… but I sure hope that last kitty didn’t get hurt. Kitty? Kitty? Kitty?
    I have to go cry now.


    • To the best of my knowledge that kitty is fine (the guy who posted it a long time ago mentioned that their cat did this often).

      Yup, the pool fails (especially the last one) are gruesome. Thanks, feeling better, especially when compared to the pool jumpers!


    • Laughter is almost a super-power, even!

      Yeah cats have an innate ability to be hilarious at almost all times (the other times they make me want to kill them…but that’s a story for another time)


  2. I just watched these with my son (I told him to ignore the F-bomb; said that Daniel Nest guy was a prison escapee with a toilet mouth…), and we were cracking up, particularly at the cat one. Sorry you’re sick, but I’m glad to see the virus doesn’t inhibit your sense of humor!


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